Stay for the Utah game, clinch the bowl


You all seriously need to think about staying for the football game this Saturday. The game starts at 12:30 p.m. Saturday, so you could be on the road home around 4:30 or 5 p.m., which is only 24 hours later than if you leave on Friday. It’s 24 more hours with your Cougar family. Should we win, this will be the biggest party the Palouse has seen in 10 years as we become bowl eligible for the first time in that span. Your first family will still be there Saturday night or Sunday afternoon, but the Cougs need you first.

Friday and Saturday have the same weather forecast. I know this can be an issue this time of year, but it is an identical forecast, so you aren’t beating a snow storm by leaving earlier. In fact, it should be warmer Saturday and Sunday than Friday.

Are you trying to party with hometown friends this weekend? They are probably at college until next Wednesday anyway because most colleges don’t have a whole week off for Thanksgiving. And everyone knows a Pullman party is much better than one in your hometown. You can do that for three weeks over Christmas anyway.

Remember last year’s phenomenal Apple Cup victory and how you or some friends all wish they had made that game, but didn’t for whatever reason. I can promise that a win Saturday will result in the same type of memories and a chance to redeem yourself if you skipped the Apple Cup last year. 

Take it from me, you have about 20-25 home football games while you are a student at WSU, which are the most fun you will have at football games ever. It’s why alumni show up on Thursday nights and try to relive our college days each season. Saturday’s game could be the biggest one you have the chance to attend. After the WSU community’s response to an un-informed writer from Arizona, let’s continue this rally and support our Cougar football team Saturday to bowl eligibility.

See you Saturday, and Go Cougs!

Chris Anderson

WSU Alumnus ’12

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