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Paradise Creek Brewery cans beer to distribute, sell

The popular Over The Hop IPA beer goes through the canning machine. 
Canned beer is sold in six-packs for $9.99.
LATISHA JENSEN, Evergreen life editor November 17, 2017

Tom Handy, owner of Paradise Creek Brewery, decided to start canning beer about a year ago to follow the trend of other craft brewers. Although it costs more to can beers than to sell them in bottles,...

Pumpkin Drop celebrates physics

SYDNEY BROWN, Evergreen reporter November 3, 2017

The Physics and Astronomy Club is honoring physics with its annual Pumpkin Drop from the top of Webster Physical Science building. The club worked to collect pumpkins from locally-sourced stores and...

Dad’s visit: A taste of home

Brittany Valencia says she is planning to go to the football game with her dad.
RACHEL SUN, Evergreen reporter November 3, 2017

Name, age: Brittany Valencia, 18 Major, year: Undecided, freshman Do you have plans this weekend? “[My dad’s] going to cook for me, make me rice and beans, and then we’re going to the football...

Climbing past comfort zones

Arturo Gavilanes, Challenge Course and climbing wall coordinator discusses the different course options for Dad’s Weekend.
NINA WILLIS, Evergreen reporter November 3, 2017

Students and their dads can push themselves out of their comfort zone by participating in climbing-related activities this Dad’s Weekend at the Challenge Course. They can explore the parent-child...

Fine dine, catch the murderer

The dinner is set in the Victorian era with actors who will perform in a play and remain in character throughout the night.
NINA WILLIS, Evergreen reporter October 27, 2017

Dinner takes on an exciting role as centerpiece to a murder mystery plot as guests try to figure out the culprit. The Bank Left Gallery will host its third murder mystery dinner, owner Nelson Duran...

Games bringing community, family together

Palouse Games employee Ryan Wilson plays Pathfinder with a group of customers.
RACHEL SUN, Evergreen reporter October 27, 2017

Name, age: Ryan Wilson, 28 Occupation: Palouse Games employee Tell me about yourself. How did you end up working at a game shop? “Board games were very popular in my family. I gravitated to a...

Moscow doughnut shop closes down location

Christa Hernandez fries donuts fresh doughtnuts to celebrate National Donut Day June 1 in downtown Moscow.
MARCO MCCRAY, Evergreen reporter October 20, 2017

A mini-doughnut shop shut down their second location in downtown Moscow. Ray Wallace, the owner of Buy the Dozen, said the shop is a business that sells fresh and customizable miniature doughnuts. “It’s...

Palouse offers homegrown horror

Janet Barstow, one of the main organizers of Haunted Palouse, stands by the coffin she’ll lie in to scare people during the event.
CODY COTTIER, Evergreen reporter October 20, 2017

Janet Barstow glanced across the room at her coffin. Another woman stood over the open casket, lined with velvet and decked in red roses. “I think they’re too cheery,” she said. “Can we paint...

Dog day care: ‘Grandma’s house for all the dogs’

Owner Kaycee Richman’s rat terrier mix, Dodger, lounges on the couch Monday at The Downtown Dog in Moscow.
NINA WILLIS, Evergreen reporter October 20, 2017

A WSU graduate caters to the local dog scene through doggy playrooms and monthly field trips, as part of day care and boarding services. Kaycee Richman opened The Downtown Dog almost three years ago...

Sign artist’s business expands

Tianna Kendall, a hand-painted sign artist who runs her business from her home, describes how her sign-making
went from just a hobby to becoming licensed by WSU.
MARCO MCCRAY, Evergreen reporter October 13, 2017

Tianna Kendall, the owner and founder of Tianna’s Hand Painted Signs, is a wife and stay-at-home mom with two children and has been making and selling her signs for about a year now. She first came...

Swing club offers dances, classes, workshops

The Swing Devils of the Palouse, Inc. members dance to a variety of classic styles. They start beginners off with East Coast Swing, which has more of a bouncy movement.
NINA WILLIS, Evergreen reporter October 13, 2017

Dances from the 1920s to 1940s come alive again through the swing revival scene in Moscow. The Swing Devils of the Palouse, Inc. followed the trends of the late 1980s and early 1990s in the revival...

PLAYLive nation to host game nights

MARIAH INMAN, Evergreen reporter October 13, 2017

PLAYlive Nation in Moscow is hosting two nighttime events in October for people who enjoy video games, board games and card games. Late Night Bash is for people 18 years or older. A second event, the...

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