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A murder most foul in the CUE

A murder most foul in the CUE

CHLOE GRUNDMEIER | Evergreen reporter

April 24, 2017

The Criminal Justice Club (CJC) put on a murder mystery night titled “Homicide at the Harrison House” on Friday, during which participants could play as characters and live lives full of fantastical drama for a few hours. The idea for the event, a club fundraiser based on the board game and ...

Taking on the challenge with little training

NINA WILLIS | Evergreen columnist

April 17, 2017

Having never played sports in high school or ever competed in a race of any length before, I decided to run a 5K obstacle course. What could go wrong?Last Saturday marked the second annual Rugged Coug Race, a three-mile course with 15 different obstacles. Divided into five age groups, participants rang...

Mom and me: adventures to have in Pullman

CHRIS ARNESON | Evergreen columnist

April 7, 2017

With Mom’s Weekend upon us, now is the time to decide what to do with your mother other than enjoy a set of Brian Regan’s clean humor. Although outsiders may not realize it, Pullman is the hub of the Palouse and full of opportunities for fun and adventure. Since a good handful of students at W...

Cougars jam out with Huskies and Ducks

CATHERINE KRUSE | Evergreen life editor

March 27, 2017

{{tncms-asset app="editorial" id="66ba81b6-12b0-11e7-af29-eb84cc8ada75"}}When Cougars, Huskies and Ducks play together, even the pouring Ireland rain can’t keep us down.For spring break, I took a trip with a group of Cougar Marching Band members to Ireland where we got the chance to play in the St. P...

Fresh Food Studio debuts at student center

DANIEL ANDERSON | Evergreen columnist

March 1, 2017

The newly-built Chinook Center is an impressive new amenity for WSU students. One of the first things people will notice is the new food options courtesy of Freshens. Freshens Fresh Food Studio represents its name well. With a staff garbed in immaculate white, they look like a canvas for the abundant a...

Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival leaves audience on their feet

Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival leaves audience on their feet

EZEKIEL NELSON | Evergreen photographer

February 27, 2017

The closing night of the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival was a night filled with incredible performances from the Lionel Hampton Big Band, student musician debuts, an electric crowd and beautiful music.The night began with the introduction of the Lionel Hampton Big Band and wishing band member James Stewart...

“Chef’s Table” highlights the stories of chefs worldwide

DANIEL ANDERSON | Evergreen columnist

February 22, 2017

I love binge-watching Netflix. I also love binge-eating while watching Netflix. But binge-eating while binge-watching a show about some of the best food in the world? That is a level of satisfaction achieved only by watching the outstanding documentary series, “Chef’s Table.”“Chef’s Table”...

Colored locks and corkscrew curls

Colored locks and corkscrew curls

MARIAH INMAN | Evergreen columnist

February 17, 2017

{{tncms-asset app="editorial" id="234cc896-f4c7-11e6-9963-e7d28bc44632"}}Tight, black corkscrew curls and volume times two – this is just one type of African-root hairstyle. There are locks, cornrows and even twisted or braided weaves, all in any color.In honor of Black History Month, I wanted to l...

Cooking up kitchen culture

Cooking up kitchen culture

DANIEL ANDERSON | Evergreen columnist

February 13, 2017

The French phrase “Mise en place” means “everything in its place.” It is a mentality and notion of prepping and organizing food, kitchenware and everything else so the workday can be efficient and smooth. This is a foundation for anyone working in the hospitality industry, and the first thing ...

Meals and groceries from phone to box to home

Meals and groceries from phone to box to home

DANIEL ANDERSON | Evergreen columnist

February 6, 2017

{{tncms-asset app="editorial" id="8e1a4be0-ec2e-11e6-9ddb-9ba73b89b0a1"}}As a food lover, I cook or go out to eat. As a lazy person, I order in.But living in a small town like Pullman presents challenges for ordering in food. There are individual restaurants that deliver, like Pizza Hut, Dominos and Jimmy Jo...

Birch & Barley review for Restaurant Week

DANIEL ANDERSON | Evergreen columnist

January 30, 2017

{{tncms-asset app="editorial" id="69e74f10-e6a8-11e6-9492-131163fb7993"}}When I was first visiting WSU as a prospective student, I painted this image of a building among stacks of hay and maybe some friendly cows frolicking the fields outside of campus. This thought consumed me as I endured an agonizi...

Don’t settle for a bad roommate

MADELINE BRAUN | Evergreen columnist

January 25, 2017

{{tncms-asset app="editorial" id="fc8fdab4-e2d7-11e6-8b38-53d11087b72d"}}So you’re looking for a roommate, and of course not just any roommate, but a really good one.You’re looking for a friend to cohabitate with, because at the end of a long day there is nothing better to come home to, be that a...

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