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Wellness Wednesday: S.A.D. is coming

During winter months depression, sleep issues, and thoughts of suicide spike because of Seasonal Affective Disorder.  “Basically, Seasonal Affective Disorder is major depression, a significant depression that occurs when we start noticing a decrease in daylight,” said Stacy Pettit, private practice counselor.

REID BROWN, Evergreen reporter

November 6, 2019

The winter season is rapidly approaching and here in the Pacific Northwest, that means a significant decrease in the number of daylight hours. Some students and community members may be at risk for experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. “Basically, Seasonal Affective Disorder is major...

Club helps prepare students for life after college

Troy Gingerich, WSU Army ROTC Cougar Battalion Associated Body of Cadets president, talks about his involvement in ROTC and Cougar Battalion Wednesday morning in the CUB.

MADYSEN MCLAIN, Evergreen reporter

October 21, 2019

The Cougar Battalion, a Registered Student Organization, gives its members the opportunity to experience what the Army can offer them while learning leadership and survival skills. The Army ROTC program is a four-year pre-professional internship to gain a commission as a 2nd Lt. in the United States...

‘Sleep is a necessity, it’s not a luxury’

“I always think, ‘Oh man, if that person who pulled the gun out of their glove compartment on the freeway in LA had just been getting adequate sleep, I doubt that would happen,” said Kristine Petterson.

REID BROWN, Evergreen reporter

October 16, 2019

For many college students, sleep deprivation is almost a given. Over 70 percent average less than the recommended 8 hours, and the CDC reports that one in three adults do not get adequate sleep. The phenomenon has inspired countless  T-shirts, mugs and even interior decorating making jokes about caffeine dependence. But to Kristine Petterson, a cer...

Yoga classes offered in many languages

“I think that yoga moves people all around the world and inviting to meditate, to relax,” Maria Serenella Previto, a clinical associate professor of Italian and Spanish said.

EURUS THACH, Evergreen reporter

October 9, 2019

Yoga instructors at WSU are offering classes in different languages to form a connection with Cougars from different countries and backgrounds. “I think that yoga moves people all around the world,” said Maria Serenella Previto, a clinical associate professor of Italian and Spanish, “And inviting...

A Wasteful Life: Should WSU fund sustainability

“It was a game-changer to have that kind of funding,” John P. Reganold, soil scientist and WSU professor in agriculture ecology said on Oct. 1.

SYDNEY BROWN, Evergreen reporter

October 9, 2019

Writer's Note: This article has been updated to clarify some of Bradley Jaeckel's comments about WSU funding.  Some researchers at WSU say the future of agriculture can be found in the soft mud of the 30-acre organic student farm, a little-known donation from alumni that serves as the main research...

A Wasteful Life: Palouse locals advocate for no-plastic life

“This [climate change] is an emergency, we’re not going to vote-with-our-dollar our way out of this,” Michelle Decourcey, clinical pathologist at WSU’s teaching veterinary hospital, said.

SYDNEY BROWN, Evergreen reporter

September 9, 2019

Alice Ma has used the same eating utensils since 2011.  The WSU dietitian unsheaths a bamboo fork, a spoon, a pair of chopsticks and a knife from the red-and-white vinyl case. It’s the color of her alma mater, the University of Utah, where she first found her passion for sustainable living and ...

Emotional support animals: What you need to know before moving in

Daniel Records, Sr. Compliance Coordinator and ADA Coordinator for the Office of Civil Rights Compliance and Investigation, discusses emotional support animals on Tuesday at French Administration Building.

JACKEE SMITH, Evergreen reporter

August 21, 2019

The support and love animals provide us is not only comforting — for some people, it’s curing. Many people rely on emotional support animals (ESAs) to help with mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress and more. That’s why it can be beneficial to bring your ESA to...

Journalist goes zero waste

This semester, reporter Sydney Brown is attempting to live a zero-waste lifestyle. From eliminating disposable food  containers to paper towels, she’ll be updating the Life section every three weeks on her journey.

SYDNEY BROWN, Evergreen columnist

August 19, 2019

If you go to the Compton Union Building for food, you probably get a paper box. Employees unwrap plastic bags of food and once you pay, you get a paper receipt, or it’s thrown in the trash. You grab a plastic fork, maybe a plastic knife, get your paper cup and finish it off with a plastic lid and straw....

Get Involved: Your guide to Pullman summer

Get Involved: Your guide to Pullman summer

SYDNEY BROWN, Evergreen reporter

July 18, 2019

Though only a month remains before the fall semester, the Palouse region’s summer is far from over. Events like the Palouse Ridge Music Festival, “Fondo on the Palouse” and performances from local bands will help end the summer on a high note — so get out there. Local music  Local music collective...

UREC should beef up outreach on campus

WSU University Recreation Center on Friday April 8, 2019.

GRIFFIN AYERS, Evergreen columnist

May 23, 2019

The university should empower students to live a healthy lifestyle. Increased resources for students across campus would lead more students to exercise. Exercise promotes a healthy self-image. Positive self-image can improve mental health. Confident students are more likely to be outgoing and active a...

Food truck owners to travel south

Vanessa Ward and her husband Brian Ward embrace in front of their food truck, Duke’s Place, May 1 in Moscow. The couple has lived in the area for years, serving residents in Moscow since they opened the business.

MAGGIE QUINLAN, Evergreen reporter

May 16, 2019

Three years ago, Vanessa Ward decided to take a risk, quit her day job and invest in a food truck to serve her soul food. She said her husband Brian Ward’s passionate career in music inspired her from the time they started dating 25 years ago, but she didn’t dive into a satisfying career for herself...

Theater to show documentary about Moscow-born religion

The Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre will host the showing Thursday.

SAM SCHMITKE, Evergreen reporter

May 1, 2019

The Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre will host a showing of a documentary that focuses on the history of a Moscow religious movement called Psychiana created by Frank Robinson. Brandon Schrand, author and teacher at WSU, said after the audience watches the movie, which he features in, he will answer...

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