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University still offering influenza shots

AUDREY HUDDLESTON, Evergreen reporter

February 7, 2018

Despite the end of Flu Shot Fridays, hosted by Health & Wellness Services in the fall, flu shots are still available and highly recommended. According to the Health & Wellness website, flu shots are covered in full by most insurance plans. Leyen Vu, interim medical director at Health &...

Workshop emphasizes positive outcomes of sleep

ZACH GOFF, Evergreen reporter

February 7, 2018

To combat the struggle many students face in getting enough sleep, Health & Wellness Services offers a program to strengthen sleep habits. Health & Wellness graduate assistant Brianne Posey said the program, called “Sleep More, Sleep Better,” focuses on helping students achieve quality...

Reiki clinic offered at Cafe Moro

Reiki, a form of alternative medicine, involves physically touching or hovering over a patient’s relaxed body in order to transfer healing energies to them. SAM’s Apothecary will host a complementary Reiki clinic this weekend.

KATIE GROVES, Evergreen reporter

February 7, 2018

Reiki is an energy healing treatment that can have many benefits. It can promote deep relaxation and meditation, encourage healing of mind, body, and spirit and provide relief from stress and anxiety. Reiki has possible physical benefits as well, like easing muscle tension and discomfort, increasing...

Local class teaches empaths to connect

The “Are you an Empath?” class at SAM’s Apothecary was instructed by Reiki practicioner Steven Mislosky, who says empaths experience the emotions of others with different intensity. He promotes the benefits of empathy.

KATIE GROVES, Evergreen reporter

January 31, 2018

Empathy, something most people experience, is the ability to share and understand the feelings of another. However, an empathic person is not the same as an empath. Empaths feel empathy, but in a different way. An empath has the ability to not only relate to others’ feelings and experiences, but...

What to know about super blue blood moon

Many celebrate the supermoon, which is thought by some to have prophetic powers.

SYDNEY BROWN, Evergreen life editor

January 30, 2018

Happy super blue blood moon! It’s a mouthful, but a pretty rare one, so enjoy it while you can. According to NASA’s website, the super blood blue moon is a once-in-150-years event we are lucky enough to witness. The eerie name seems to add a bit of mystery to the Jan. 31 event, but tonight’s...

Misconceptions about HPV impact decisions

Sarah Fincham, clinical assistant professor at WSU Spokane’s nursing program, said HPV can spread even while using a condom.

AUDREY HUDDLESTON, Evergreen reporter

January 24, 2018

In an episode of the HBO show “Girls,” Hannah, the main character, visits the doctor and finds out she has human papillomavirus. She becomes hysterical and tells everyone that she has pre-cancer. While the reaction was dramatized for television, Hannah isn’t the only one who has some misconceptions...

Moscow Food Co-op class teaches healthy eating on budget

Samuel Ruth, Evergreen reporter

January 17, 2018

As a college student or young adult trying to make a living, eating healthy with spending limits may seem hard. Moscow Food Co-op’s class series “Healthy Eating on a Budget” aims to teach people how to eat healthy while not breaking the bank.   Co-op Education and Event Coordinator Max Newland...

WSU alumnus develops therapy model

Phil Boissiere, WSU alumn and relationship specialist, explains the basics of his new therapy model called The 3 x 3 Method.

Marco McCray, Evergreen reporter

January 17, 2018

A psychotherapist based out of San Francisco recently developed a method to reduce stress and anxiety in 30 seconds. Phil Boissiere is a father, husband, couple’s therapist, adult ADHD counselor and WSU alumnus. He developed his own mindfulness technique while his daughter was still an infant, Boissiere...

Health and Wellness offers stress workshops

Sydney Brown, Evergreen life editor

January 17, 2018

Health and Wellness will host several workshops and programs this semester in order to promote maintaining a healthy mind and body, according to the Health and Wellness website.   Life Skills These workshops will help students gather positive information about how to handle daily life strug...

Seasonal affective disorder causes wintertime depression

Some students experience depression during the winter months and holiday seasons. For students with Seasonal Affective disorder, the darkness in the winter months causes them to produce more melatonin.

Mariah Inman, Evergreen reporter

January 10, 2018

The weather is getting colder and the sky darker. For some people with seasonal affective disorder, this time of year may affect their mental and physical health. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that correlates with the changing of seasons throughout the year. According to...

Juice cleansing may rid food of nutrition

An employee of Main Street Squeeze Juice and Smoothie makes juice.

Sydney Brown, Evergreen life editor

January 10, 2018

The new year marks the beginning of many health trends, as people attempt to fulfill the common resolution of losing weight. Juice cleansing remains a popular method of achieving this, but it may not be the most effective. Mintel’s 2014 study “Diet Trends” revealed 20 percent of adults attempting...

Pomegranates offer many health benefits

There are many ways to use pomegranates in daily cooking.

Sydney Brown, Evergreen life editor

January 10, 2018

Health Pomegranates are known for their abundance of vitamins, some of which prevent cell damage and can reduce inflammation. According to Medical News Today, pomegranates contain more than 40 percent of the required daily amount of vitamin C. Pomegranate juice is the best way to receive vitam...

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