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Mint editor clears mind by going on hikes, taking care of plants and pets.

‘This does not define me. It does not define you.’

SANDI KOBIESA, Evergreen Mint editor April 15, 2021

Editor's note: this leditor involves sexual assault and trauma and may be triggering to some. I remember my mom asking me why I refused to wear the bootcut jeans with sparkly stars on the back pockets...

This album reminded columnist of the apocalypse and that it's surrounding the world every day.

Search for the Greatest: F♯ A♯ ∞

COLE QUINN, Evergreen columnist April 15, 2021

Growing up, I always wanted to be in a band or musical group. Most artists I listen to often work with their bandmates to create original compositions that will blow the audience away. While it is not...

Mint book club highlights unique books with people's experience with sexual assault.

Mint Book Club: SA month

LANNAN RUIZ, Evergreen columnist April 15, 2021

Editor's note: this column contains themes of sexual assault and trauma. “Nice to meet me” By Chris Carlton “Nice To Meet Me shows us that recovering from sexual abuse is undeniable with...

Similar to Battleship, this game is about guessing the code your rival created.

Game of the week: Mastermind

SHEILA JOHNSON, Evergreen columnist April 15, 2021

Are you and your friends constantly comparing IQ’s? Do you swear you could join the CIA and be the smartest analyst they ever had? This is a competitive game for those who love cracking codes and reading...

Betul found that over time, she fell in love with her culture and was no longer ashamed.

‘I take pride in my culture’

KASSANDRA VOGEL, Evergreen reporter April 15, 2021

Freshman chemical engineering major Zeynep Betul has learned to be proud of her culture. When Betul was about seven, her family moved from Los Angeles to Moscow, Idaho. She said she remembers living...

Other than Santas, Mary Lou Wayne also creates fairy sculptors that are just as quirky.

‘You can get the expression in my sculptures’

SHEILA JOHNSON, Evergreen reporter April 15, 2021

Mary Lou Wayne, sculptor and owner of Characters in Clay in Lewiston, always tells beginning artists to never stop trying. She encourages artists to experiment with different mediums until they find their...

OPINION: Satire: Why the next Olympics should be held in Antarctica

OPINION: Satire: Why the next Olympics should be held in Antarctica

DIANA RIOS, Evergreen opinion editor April 8, 2021

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to watch ridiculously talented athletes compete not only against each other but also against the elements? I don’t exactly mean a competition in Siberia or...

After reading The Diary of Anne Frank, Jeff Mangum wrote one of the most interesting albums, according to columnist.

Search for the greatest: In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

COLE QUINN, Evergreen columnist April 8, 2021

After producing his first album with his music group, musician Jeff Mangum walked into a bookstore. He purchased a copy of “The Diary of a Young Girl” and began reading it. The story of Anne Frank...

Think you know more words than your friends? Bananagrams is the game for you.

Split! Peel! It’s Bananagram time!

SHEILA JOHNSON, Evergreen columnist April 8, 2021

Split! Hands rearrange tiles into words, shaping and reshaping as ideas are tried and discarded.  The side glances at your opponent and panic when they have more words than you. Are you ready to play...

Easiest pasta around, and you can make plenty to have for leftovers the next day. Reheat either in the microwave or on a pan with a little butter.

Easiest carbonara on this side of the Mississippi

CARSON HOLLAND, Evergreen columnist April 8, 2021

If you are like me, sometimes it is hard to work up the motivation to cook something fancy, but you still want something cooked rather than going out again. For me, my wallet is the one telling me I should...

Clover Rinehart loves when she's given artistic liberty. She feels like she can read people and design their piece based on their personality.

Pieces that are passed down generations

KASSANDRA VOGEL, Evergreen reporter April 8, 2021

Artist Clover Rinehart of Uniontown, Washington creates art that is not only beautiful, but functional. About 10 years ago, Rinehart started making leather gun holsters specialized for women, by women....

The photo does not pick up how gorgeous this plant actually is. Once she's potted in soil, her leaf will stiffen up.

Oops I did it again (bought a new plant)

SANDI KOBIESA, Mint editor April 8, 2021

Plant friends, I did a bad thing. Bad meaning that I spent too much money on one plant that barely fits on my plant shelf. I’d like to introduce you to my newest addition, the Anthurium Magnificum....

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