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In Your Words: Speechless

Rose Maria Robles, Pullman resident and high school student, holds a

CLAIRE PADILLA, Evegreen columnist

June 5, 2020

*In Your Words is a series highlighting students’ personal stories. You can submit your piece to with the subject line “In Your Words.” A group of about 30 protesters were holding signs and wearing masks at Cougar Plaza in downtown Pullman. It happened in the afternoon on...

Cowboy poetry is alive on the Palouse

JOEL KEMEGUE, Evergreen reporter

February 20, 2020

Cowboys existed long before Spotify or Barnes and Noble existed, but stories are even older. Back in the Old West, cowboys would tell stories and share music around the campfire, but that tradition didn’t die with the Old West. And in the Palouse, we have the Palouse Country Cowboy Poets keepi...

In Your Words: Stereotypes hurt black women’s self-esteem

Stereotypes that target black women are nothing new, but they can hurt confidence while dating, especially dating outside of one’s own race.

PERE AMUGHAN, Evergreen contributor

October 9, 2019

I’ve written about conventional beauty standards before. I’d like to talk about how those conventional beauty standards have personally affected me and other black women like myself. When I was in fifth grade, “The Diary of a Wimpy Kid” by Jeff Kinney was extremely popular — almost everyone...

In Your Words: Why’s a sista always single?

One student found that she might appeal to men for sex, but dating is another story.

PERE AMUGHAN, Evergreen columnist

October 2, 2019

Everywhere I turn it seems as though everyone is in a relationship. Do you know those people who have a new boyfriend every three months? Yeah, I’m not that person. I never have a shortage of men that want to sleep with me, but when it comes to that awkward conversation of moving it to the next...

What is conventional beauty?

This writer said coming to college made her more aware of the harmful effects American beauty standards, and how they breed self-hatred.

PERE AMUGHAN, Evergreen columnist

August 28, 2019

*In Your Words is a new series highlighting students’ personal stories. You can submit your piece to with the subject line “In Your Words.” Sylly week, also known as syllabus week, is the first week of each semester and it’s essentially a week-long party. During my fresh...

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