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This album reflects on the life of a dementia patient in six-series song compilation.

We found the greatest: Everywhere at the End of Time

COLE QUINN, Evergreen photo editor April 29, 2021

Imagine yourself deep into the future. You have retired from your job and you spend most of your days reminiscing about the past experiences of your childhood. Everything from your first kiss, getting...

Photo was taken before the pandemic, and now they have strict guidelines to follow.

Jam out with KZUU 90.7 student radio

CARSON HOLLAND, Evergreen columnist April 22, 2021

Among the many clubs and organizations at WSU, Pullman is home to its own student-led radio show. KZUU 90.7 plays a mixture of music presented by their staff of DJs. Giving a platform to both students...

Columnist ranks rap album highly because lyrics are similar to poems and stories.

Search for the Greatest: To Pimp a Butterfly

COLE QUINN, Evergreen photo editor April 22, 2021

When it comes to the title of greatest rapper to ever live, many names come to mind. Artists like Tupac, The Notorious B.I.G., Dr. Dre and others helped form the battle between west coast and east coast...

This album reminded columnist of the apocalypse and that it's surrounding the world every day.

Search for the Greatest: F♯ A♯ ∞

COLE QUINN, Evergreen photo editor April 15, 2021

Growing up, I always wanted to be in a band or musical group. Most artists I listen to often work with their bandmates to create original compositions that will blow the audience away. While it is not...

After reading The Diary of Anne Frank, Jeff Mangum wrote one of the most interesting albums, according to columnist.

Search for the greatest: In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

COLE QUINN, Evergreen photo editor April 8, 2021

After producing his first album with his music group, musician Jeff Mangum walked into a bookstore. He purchased a copy of “The Diary of a Young Girl” and began reading it. The story of Anne Frank...

Columnist reviews Board of Canada's album, and found that the interludes tied everything together.

Search for the greatest: Music Has the Right to Children

COLE QUINN, Evergreen photo editor April 1, 2021

Around the 1970s and 1980s, two young Scottish boys grew up like almost every other kid on Earth, watching educational content geared toward young children. They would frequently watch Sesame Street growing...

Metallica spent time in Denmark creating this album to grow their musical styles.

Search for the greatest: Master Of Puppets

COLE QUINN, Evergreen photo editor March 18, 2021

When it comes to the core of metal music, there are a plethora of points in its development that helped throw the genre into the spotlight. Bands like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and more...

Stratosphere reminds this Evergreen columnist of the drive to Pullman.

Search for the greatest: “Stratosphere”

COLE QUINN, Evergreen photo editor March 11, 2021

After releasing two albums to no commercial success, the band Duster broke up in 2000. No one seemed to care about the musical work they were putting out, and each member of the band left to pursue other...

Daughters broke up in 2009, but after eight years were reunited.

Search for the greatest: You Won’t Get What You Want (YWGWYW)

COLE QUINN, Evergreen photo editor March 4, 2021

When it comes to the intention of music, the goal is often to elicit an emotion from its listeners. This emotion varies depending on the music, reliant on the overall composition and production of the...

Madvillainy highly ranked album by Evergreen columnist

Search for the greatest: Madvillainy

COLE QUINN, Evergreen photo editor February 25, 2021

In 1997, a rapper named Zev Love X decided to return to music after a short hiatus. His brother, DJ Subroc, had recently passed away after being hit by a car. On top of this, their album got rejected by...

Joy Divisions's Unknown Pleasure was known for its deep, sad songs.

Search for the greatest: Unknown Pleasures

COLE QUINN, Evergreen photo editor February 18, 2021

Trigger warning: This column contains sensitive content about suicide.  In 1967, the Interplanetary Scintillation Array of the Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory in Cambridge, UK discovered a pulsar...

Turn on the Bright Lights scored a 10 out of 10 review by our columnist.

The search for the greatest: Turn on the Bright Lights

COLE QUINN, Evergreen photo editor February 11, 2021

The New York post-punk revival of the early 2000s was a unique era for music. Bands began to add a modern touch of production and composition to the moodier elements of post-punk bands like Joy Division,...

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