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Madvillainy highly ranked album by Evergreen columnist

Search for the greatest: Madvillainy

COLE QUINN, Evergreen reporter February 25, 2021

In 1997, a rapper named Zev Love X decided to return to music after a short hiatus. His brother, DJ Subroc, had recently passed away after being hit by a car. On top of this, their album got rejected by...

Joy Divisions's Unknown Pleasure was known for its deep, sad songs.

Search for the greatest: Unknown Pleasures

COLE QUINN, Evergreen reporter February 18, 2021

Trigger warning: This column contains sensitive content about suicide.  In 1967, the Interplanetary Scintillation Array of the Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory in Cambridge, UK discovered a pulsar...

Turn on the Bright Lights scored a 10 out of 10 review by our columnist.

The search for the greatest: Turn on the Bright Lights

COLE QUINN, Evergreen reporter February 11, 2021

The New York post-punk revival of the early 2000s was a unique era for music. Bands began to add a modern touch of production and composition to the moodier elements of post-punk bands like Joy Division,...

Kevin Graybill set to release first album February 19, 2021 on Spotify

From advertising to songwriting

VICTORIA GIOMI, Evergreen reporter February 11, 2021

In 2009, this freshly graduated Coug had no idea where his advertisement degree would take him, and now, just years later he is about to release his first album. WSU alum Kevin Graybill found his passion...

Search for the greatest album: OK Computer by Radiohead

Search for the greatest album: OK Computer by Radiohead

COLE QUINN, Evergreen reporter February 4, 2021

For generations, our ancestors have been performing and creating musical compositions. How harmonious vibrations can soothe the human brain into multiple emotions is uncanny compared to any other art form. Since...

The Pullman Collective: local band

The Pullman Collective: local band

LANNAN RUIZ, Evergreen reporter February 4, 2021

Pullman, Washington, is a place filled with the true college experience. The Pullman Collective, a new band on the Palouse, writes about their experiences living in Pullman and going to school at WSU....

Jeri Harris, Pullman Arts Commission chair, wrote in an email that the commission will present a Pullman Window Walk to City Council.

Arts Commission cancels ArtFest for second year

EMMA LEDBETTER, Evergreen editor-in-chief January 14, 2021

The Pullman Arts Commission voted in a meeting Tuesday to cancel this year’s ArtFest due to COVID-19 concerns. Commissioners are unsure if COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted or changed by May, when...

John Mayer's album is a classic of mid-2000s singer/songwriter work.

OPINION: John Mayer’s ‘Continuum’ is a smooth modern classic

JOEY FRANKLIN, Evergreen columnist November 18, 2020

Rolling Stone Magazine recently released their new rendition of the “Top 500 Albums of All Time,” and there were no major shake-ups. “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely-Hearts Club Band” by the Beatles...

Melanie Martinez's latest release highlights her original musical voice and creative style.

OPINION: “After School” showcases Melanie Martinez’s signature style

LAUREN PETTIT, Evergreen columnist October 5, 2020

Melanie Martinez’s unique musical style has reached the ears of fans once again with her newest release, “After School EP,” which is saturated with her personal value and meaning in life. The thought-provoking...

Virtual workshops are not the only change the WSU Jazz Society is making. Instead of the more traditional jam sessions they held pre-quarantine, the club discussed playing pre-recorded pieces for each other to receive live feedback.

Jazz club keeps music going online

KASSANDRA VOGEL, Evergreen reporter September 30, 2020

Whether you are a bonafide jazz connoisseur or still waiting to dip your toe in the water, the WSU Jazz Society is the place to listen and learn about jazz. “You don’t need to be a player. You just...

The Killers' new album brings new styles, ideas and musical techniques to the rock genre.

OPINION: ‘Imploding the Mirage’ is groundbreaking

JOEY FRANKLIN, Evergreen columnist September 29, 2020

The Killers’ new album “Imploding the Mirage” is the shot in the arm that the music industry needed. Rock music has felt stagnant and over-produced for too long. The catchy ‘80s-style synth beats...

Festival Dance is offering classes in ballet, tap, jazz and more.

Dance academy offers $5 dancing classes

ANNA YOUNG, Evergreen reporter September 23, 2020

The Festival Dance & Performing Arts Association will be offering $5 drop-in classes at U of I all week for all members of the community. Festival Dance, which offers classes in ballet, jazz, tap,...

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