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‘I had stability through music’

“I was really lucky to always have the kind of teachers and people in my life that had the heart of music and the emotional, expressive, and kind side of it be at the center,
KASSANDRA VOGEL, Evergreen reporter December 10, 2020

Anna Prykhodko’s parents were reluctant to allow her to begin piano lessons because of the strict nature of the schools in Ukraine. Finally in 3rd grade, she began her music studies at the Mykola Lysenko...

‘Art has been my passion forever’

Senior Laura Ballard will have an online art show with Sharalee Chwaliszewski and the WSU Vancouver fine arts department in January.
JOEL KEMEGUE, Evergreen Mint editor December 10, 2020

Laura Ballard started her journey to a BA in fine arts 10 years ago in California, and is ending it this semester at WSU Vancouver. Ballard grew up in southern California and has been practicing art...

Student makes music, defies limitations

Senior Joel Roeber has been heavily involved with the local music scene, working with acts like North Paw and NUU WAVE.
ANNA YOUNG, Evergreen reporter December 10, 2020

Almost nothing went as planned for senior Joel Roeber going into this semester, but that hasn’t stopped him from working toward earning his degree. Roeber, who will receive his Bachelor of Music in...

‘I love dance because you can convey a lot of emotion’

Graduate student Hannah Levy has been dancing since she was 3 years old and has a minor in dance and performance studies.
KASSANDRA VOGEL, Evergreen reporter December 3, 2020

Through her recent collaboration with EcoArts on the Palouse, WSU graduate student Hannah Levy created her third dance documentary, “Staying with the Pause,” which touches on the struggles many people face...

Student calls to the void

“Even though her work wasn’t ultimately exhibited in the museum, the show she came up with was powerful and well-documented,” said Joe Hedges, assistant professor of painting and intermedia.
ANNA YOUNG, Evergreen reporter November 5, 2020

Comprising of a series of swirling, liminal blurred paintings and a video, which shifted constantly so there was never a sense of up or down, “The Call of the Void” was former MFA student Kelsey Baker’s...

Grandma inspires exhibit

Cheskhun's exhibit,
JOEL KEMEGUE, Evergreen mint editor October 21, 2020

Chadchom Cheskhun was inspired to make his thesis project for WSU’s Master of Fine Arts program after thinking about his childhood and his grandmother, realizing he couldn’t recall her face. That...

People of the Palouse: Azzah Sultan

Sultan's first solo exhibit, “Anak Dara,” will open in New York City.
JOEL KEMEGUE, Evergreen Mint editor September 9, 2020

Azzah Sultan graduated from WSU’s Master in Fine Arts program last semester after completing her thesis project, “Anak Dara,” meaning “young unmarried child.” The name came from a pet...

People of the Palouse: Navin Chettri

Chettri and his group, Cadenza Collective, were among the first local jazz acts in Nepal.
JOEY FRANKLIN, Evergreen reporter September 9, 2020

WSU professor Navin Chettri has been interested in music since he was young, as he grew up on classical, folk and western music. Though he got his start playing with his band in a local jazz bar, Chettri...

Letter From The Editor: Welcome to People of the Palouse

Letter From The Editor: Welcome to People of the Palouse
JOEL KEMEGUE, Evergreen Mint editor September 9, 2020

If there’s one thing you notice working for The Daily Evergreen, it’s that Joel is a really cool editor, and you probably want to be just like him. Another thing is that you get to talk to and write...

People of the Palouse: John Rich

2017's Sister Act is one of the many shows John Rich and the Regional Theatre of the Palouse have produced.
ANNA YOUNG, Evergreen reporter September 9, 2020

When John Rich came to visit his college friend Jim Sato in Pullman, he didn’t expect to stay — but he did. Then when he agreed to help out with the local theater scene, he set another ground rule. “When...

People of the Palouse: Michelle Cordova

new doc 2020-09-09 16.53.02
SYDNEY BROWN, Evergreen reporter September 9, 2020

Nails attached to the shoes of dancers prattled across an encore floor. They spun vibrant embroidered fabric skirts around their ankles, over their heads and back down again, all while they balanced on...

People of the Palouse: Landscape architecture professor admires Palouse

Jolie B. Kaytes, associate professor of landscape architecture at the WSU School of Design and Construction, says she enjoys the landscapes and climates most closely resembling tropical and balmy places. Kaytes says since she arrived in Pullman, it has transformed her perception and she is growing fonder of the area.
ANNA YOUNG, Evergreen reporter April 17, 2019

Sparsely decorated shelves line the walls of Jolie Kaytes’ office, though the items laid there are no mere trinkets. One such shelf holds a construction level her grandfather used for woodworking projects....

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