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ASWSU senators pass resolution for transparency

Michael Kim vice president international students council addressing the ASWSU senate Wednesday night at the CUB.

DAISY ZAVALA, Evergreen reporter

February 14, 2019

The ASWSU Senate passed a resolution calling for transparency with working groups and approved funding for Brown Style and International Mother Language Day events on Wednesday night. Resolution passed Senator A’Jenae Hardwell authored the resolution to hold working groups accountable and ensure tra...

Students declare ASWSU president, vice president candidacy

Former president of Young Democrats and current ASWSU Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs Quinton Berkompas listens as newly appointed president Hannah Martian speaks to the varying opinions brought up in the open forum during the Young Democrats meeting in the CUB on Thursday, Jan. 24. He resigned at the beginning of the meeting. Berkompas announced his ASWSU presidential candidacy through social media.

ELAYNE RODRIGUEZ, Evergreen reporter

February 11, 2019

Two pairs announced their candidacies for president and vice president of ASWSU on Thursday through social media. Quinton Berkompas, deputy director of legislative affairs, announced he would run for president with running partner Jhordin Prescott, a Kappa Alpha Theta sorority member. Mariela Frias-Gomez,...

ASWSU, City Council hold joint meeting

ASWSU members lead the fight song with Vice President of Student Affairs Mary Jo Gonzales to close their joint meeting with the Pullman City Council Wednesday night at the Elson S. Floyd Cultural Center.

DAISY ZAVALA, Evergreen reporter

February 7, 2019

City Council and ASWSU members discussed several topics including a collaborative task force dedicated to expand mental health resources in a joint meeting on Wednesday in the Elson S. Floyd Cultural center. Ann Parks, city council member spoke about a collaborative group composed of WSU faculty staff, city...

ASWSU advocates for higher education funding

Students from WSU, including members of ASWSU and GPSA, visited the state capitol in Olympia last week to lobby for higher education issues at the university. These included funding for extension centers, mental health and expanding the State Need Grant.

MADYSEN MCLAIN, Evergreen deputy news editor

February 4, 2019

Students from all WSU campuses lobbied for higher education issues to Washington senators and representatives in Olympia during Coug Day at the Capitol. Kelly Marshall, ASWSU’s deputy director of legislative affairs, said ASWSU senates across WSU campuses sponsored over 100 students to attend. “What...

Committee works to create memorial service

Jelani Christopher is sworn in as freshman delegate after his unanimous confirmation during the ASWSU meeting Wednesday evening in the CUB. He plans on increasing recycling methods during his time on the senate.

DAISY ZAVALA, Evergreen reporter

January 31, 2019

A guest speaker shared the WSU Mental Health Steering Committee’s plan to create an annual memorial service at the ASWSU meeting Wednesday night. Memorial service Rachel Oliver, administrative assistant of WSU Mental Health Steering Committee spoke about plans to create an annual memorial service...

ASWSU committee adopts 17 UNSD Goals

Trevor Alkire, ASWSU Environmental Sustainability Alliance president, speaks about the plan to implement curbside compost stations for sororities and fraternities during the city council meeting Oct. 16.

KAYE GILL, Evergreen reporter

January 30, 2019

ASWSU passed a bylaw that will adopt the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) to promote awareness for global challenges. This bylaw applies for Committee Squared, which is the coalition of all ASWSU committee leaders. Trevor Alkire, president of ASWSU’s Environmental Sustai...

ASWSU halts bill that would affect elections

Malvin Harrison, APASC Chair (left) and Harald Hyllseth, ASPASC Vice-Chair plead with their ASWSU representatives to vote no on a incoming piece of legislation Wednesday night at the CUB.

DAISY ZAVALA, Evergreen reporter

January 24, 2019

ASWSU senators postponed passing a bill that would affect election codes and approved funding for the Kids’ Science and Engineering Day at Wednesday night’s meeting.   Bill to change election codes   ASWSU Honors Senator Hayden Arend said the bill he authored was aimed at rewriting contradictory el...

ASWSU creates blog for students, community

Keegan Otter, ASWSU Director of Community Affairs, asks for student and community engagement.

DAISY ZAVALA, Evergreen reporter

January 17, 2019

Director of Community Affairs Keegan Otter spoke at the ASWSU meeting on Wednesday about creating a blog for students focused on activities to try around Pullman. The blog will be connected to the ASWSU website through a hyperlink, Otter said. He said the blog posts would be written and submitted...

ASWSU emphasizes support for mental health support in colleges

Director of Athletics Pat Chun addresses ASWSU asking for their vocal support Jan. 9 at the CUB.

DAISY ZAVALA, Evergreen reporter

January 10, 2019

The ASWSU Senate discussed a resolution supporting mental health resources and Pat Chun, WSU athletic director, spoke about the WSU athletic department at Wednesday night’s meeting. Resolution to support mental health resources ASWSU Senators passed a resolution that will call on state legislator...

ASWSU talks budget, Giving Tuesday fundraising

Jamie Nolan, associate vice president for Community, Equity and Inclusive Excellence,
goes over her activities and involvement since arriving at WSU on Wednesday in the CUB.

MADYSEN MCLAIN, Evergreen reporter

November 29, 2018

At the ASWSU Senate meeting Wednesday night, senators and guest speakers discussed monies raised for the Cougar Health Fund from Giving Tuesday, services and activities fees and Services and Activities Fees Committee funding cuts. The Senate also confirmed a student to the ASWSU Election Board. Giving Tuesday...

ASWSU to lobby for new WADDL building

ASWSU moves to confirm Keira Tolbert as election board chair at the meeting Wednesday in the CUB.

MADYSEN MCLAIN, Evergreen reporter

November 15, 2018

At the ASWSU Senate meeting Wednesday night, senators approved a resolution to lobby state legislators for funding for the Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab and confirmed a member to fill the election board chair. Resolution to support WADDL ASWSU senators passed a resolution calling on state...

ASWSU Senators pass legislative agenda

Karee Shaw, Director of Facilities & Operations, presented ASWSU's Devon Holze with the Student-Driven Program of the Year award Wednesday in the CUB.

MADYSEN MCLAIN, Evergreen reporter

November 8, 2018

ASWSU senators approved their legislative agenda for the year, passed a new bill about discrimination and approved funding for STAGE Student Theatre at their meeting Wednesday night. Senators pass agenda for Olympia The ASWSU Senate passed the legislative agenda presented by the Executive Legisl...

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