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WSU honors veterans in ceremony

BY CHAD SOKOL | Evergreen city reporter

November 11, 2014

Four veterans of the U.S. military – including one WSU student and one alumnus – spoke Tuesday morning to commemorate their peers and to remind others what Veteran's Day is really about.The ceremony took place in the CUB Auditorium and was hosted by the ASWSU's Student Veterans Committee. The first ...

Police responded to structure fire at apartment complex

From staff reports

November 10, 2014

Emergency personnel responded to a structure fire at the College Crest apartment complex on Terre View Drive this evening. Pullman Fire Chief Mike Heston said the report came in just before 4:30 p.m. with the caller saying the floor felt warm to the touch and they saw smoke. The fire was contained and ex...

For the safety of weed

Oil extracts from weed samples in Aaron Stancik’s CannaSafe Analytics lab, Friday Nov. 7th, 2014.

BY JACOB RUMMEL | Evergreen reporter

November 10, 2014

Pullman marijuana better get its No. 2 pencil ready, because CannaSafe Analytics is open for testing.CannaSafe Analytics, a California-based cannabis testing company, received their certification last week from the Washington State Liquor Control Board.“We’re just ready to hit the ground running, ...

University settles free speech case for $120,000

By staff reports

November 10, 2014

After five years of federal litigation, WSU is paying former journalism professor David Demers $120,000 to drop his free-speech lawsuit against four university administrators.The settlement was reached after the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Demers’ "7-Step Plan" to improve the quality o...

Digging in garbage for good reason

BY ANNA CLOUD | Evergreen reporter

November 10, 2014

It is time to take out the trash for hall residents, but instead of taking it to the dumpsters, students brought it to Stephenson Hall’s Down Under on Saturday. The trash was then critically examined by faculty and undergraduate researchers in a premier study on university-level garbology.“These t...

WSU faculty member wins Eugene Aster Award

BY SOPHIA STEELE | Evergreen reporter

November 10, 2014

WSU faculty member in the department of history, Clif Stratton, has been awarded the Eugene Aster Award from the American Historical Association, for the mandatory freshman course, History 105 Roots in Contemporary Issues.“It’s an honor… It took me awhile to put it into perspective, I talked to m...

Combing through hairy facts

The Health and Wellness Center is embracing No Shave November by teaming with Movember Foundation.

EMILY ALDER-STORM | Evergreen reporter

November 7, 2014

Support of No Shave November has begun to grow on campus and WSU’s Health and Wellness Services (HWS) is participating by educating community members in men’s health.HWS’s Movember campaign supports the same values as the Movember Foundation.According to Movember’s official website, the organ...

WSU online degree receives recognition


November 7, 2014

WSU’s online criminal justice degree ranks No. 1 in the nation, according to Criminal Justice Degree Online, a website that seeks out the best criminal justice degrees online throughout the nation and ranks the best and the worst.“We try to provide a really excellent and personal service here,” ...

Panhellenic, IFC, SEB apologize

Esther Ku and Tanisha Long, from MTV’s Girl Code, speak to WSU students in the Senior Ballroom on Wednesday Nov. 5, 2014.


November 7, 2014

The Student Entertainment Board (SEB) hosted a program Wednesday night that featured the actresses of MTV’s “Girl Code.” However, some of the program’s content generated controversies among audience members and has caused campus organizations to respond.The Panhellenic Council released a letter ...

K-House: A history

CHAD SOKOL | Evergreen city reporter

November 7, 2014

It's a red-brick building like any other on campus – perhaps unremarkable to those who worshiped there in recent decades, or to those who still sip coffee in its dimly lit basement.But the Interfaith House has served many purposes during its 90-year existence, as a home for religious groups and studen...

Ebola virus demands careful evaluation

BY SHANE MICHARD | Evergreen reporter

November 6, 2014

In the wake of two nurses contracting the Ebola virus from Thomas Duncan in Dallas, Ebola news coverage has contributed to a fear of the virus spreading in the U.S.While fears of the virus spreading are not completely irrational, it is important to keep other more real threats in mind and not let panic...

Chasing storms

Andrew Brown, a representative of the National Weather Service in Spokane, introduces a lecture on the fundamentals of weather observation in the Inland Northwest on Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2014.

HALEY WATKINS | Evergreen reporter

November 6, 2014

When it is raining cats and dogs, the Pullman community Weather Spotters may be the first to respond.Andrew Brown from the National Weather Service in Spokane trained Pullmanites on proper ways to identify hazardous weather and how to report them.“Whitman County is a storm ready community and WSU is...

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