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Phony video post has coach in crosshairs

WSU Head Coach Mike Leach yells from the sideline during a game against Stanford in Martin Stadium on Oct. 31, 2017.

Editorial Board, The Daily Evergreen

June 21, 2018

WSU head football coach Mike Leach made a mistake this weekend — he didn’t check his source. Leach sent out a tweet Sunday asking people to share their thoughts on a video of former President Barack Obama speaking in Brussels, Belgium, in 2014. The problem was the video was fake. The phony...

WSU Board of Regents closes off public

WSU Board of Regents members Brett Blankenship, left, Ron Sims and Alyssa Norris listen to a discussion during the Regents meeting on Sept. 21 on the WSU Pullman campus. They will meet in Woodinville on Thursday and Friday.

EDITORIAL BOARD, The Daily Evergreen

June 7, 2018

The WSU Board of Regents will hold their last regular meeting of the 2018 fiscal year this week where they will address one of the most pressing issues facing the university in the form of the over $60 million deficit facing the athletics department. However, they have decided to hold this important...

WSU research another victim to political bias

Faculty members in research fear punishment and damage to their reputation from unwarranted investigations and accusations.

EDITORIAL BOARD, The Daily Evergreen

May 24, 2018

WSU has once again found itself in the line of fire regarding its lack of neutrality and bias toward scientific research conducted on campus. It is the goal of science to help us understand the world around us, but it is also the job of science to be removed from any influence on behalf of this goal....

Students should take responsibility

Students need to take into account the impact of the damage they leave behind and work to fix it.

EDITORIAL BOARD, The Daily Evergreen

May 17, 2018

Though Granite Point has recently re-opened after a major clean-up of trash and defacing of the cliffs, we have to remember that this is not the first time a major natural area has fallen victim to the carelessness of students and residents. Kamiak Butte was shut down due to an illegal campfire sparking...

National fight for student newsrooms continues

Daily Evergreen editors embrace while cheering after hearing the results of the Student Media referendum in March 2018.


April 25, 2018

When we learned that cuts to our print cycle were imminent due to lack of funding, we were in the middle of studying for finals and preparing for the next semester of producing a daily newspaper. Suddenly, we were thrust into a position that no student journalist should have to face. We had to somehow...

The Daily Evergreen’s State of the University Address

EDITORIAL BOARD, The Daily Evergreen

March 29, 2018

After an hour and a half of talking and answering questions at his State of the University address Tuesday, WSU President Kirk Schulz said surprisingly little. While it would be unfair to expect him to lay out every detail of his plans to address WSU’s financial crisis or ongoing struggles with student...

Support students’ decision to speak up

Students gather outside Pullman High School during a walkout protesting gun violence. Following the walkout, several students were threatened with detention for participating.

Editorial Board

March 22, 2018

High school students across the country, including Pullman, walked out of class March 14 in protest of frequent school shootings. As a result, students who participated faced repercussions in the form of detentions and suspensions. Regardless of your opinion on gun control, students should be commended,...

Letter from the editor: Communication key to success

MADISON JACKSON, Evergreen editor-in-chief

March 9, 2018

Again, thank you WSU for passing the Student Media fee. With this $5 fee in the fall and spring semesters, we will strive to continue representing you as accurately as possible. Undergraduates passed the fee with 50.8 percent and graduate passed the fee with 52 percent. To the other 48.9 percent ...

Vote ‘YES’ for Student Media fee


March 5, 2018

The Daily Evergreen has one last opportunity to continue printing independent news five days a week. There’s a lot at stake for all WSU students, not just those who work in our office. On Monday, ASWSU President Jordan Frost tweeted, “The Evergreen does not need to be ‘saved’. Without this...

Don’t let state legislators hide what should be public


February 28, 2018

Skipping both public testimony and debate, bipartisan state legislators came together in record time to make their branch of government the least transparent in the state. The bill they passed, SB 6617, retroactively exempts thousands of records from public scrutiny. Barring a veto from the governor, th...

Letter from the editor: Backing down not an option

MADISON JACKSON, Evergreen editor-in-chief

January 10, 2018

I left my office to grab coffee Tuesday, and I came back to a newspaper-wrapped package on my desk. “No PR. No BS. No Retreat.” stared back at me. I opened the package to find reporter notebooks and a note that read, “Give ‘em hell.” This gift was from The Daily Evergreen’s content adviser...

Editorial board: Evergreen changes tagline to emphasize mission of pursuing truth

EDITORIAL BOARD, The Daily Evergreen

January 8, 2018

WSU’s only independent news source is at risk. The effects of university-wide budget cuts have trickled down to The Daily Evergreen. In an effort to combat a massive cut to our print and campus presence, we have changed our tagline to more accurately reflect what our mission has always been. We...

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