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Tips to start your year at WSU right, from someone who knows

Melynda Huskey | Interim Vice President and Dean of Students

August 14, 2015

Greetings and welcome (back) to WSU! As the Interim Vice President for Student Affairs, I’m here—along with all our staff--to help you make the most of your WSU experience. Before the semester really kicks off, here are a few tips for starting off right, whether it’s your very first semester or yo...

Welcome from Health and Wellness Services

Dr. Bruce Wright | Executive Director of Health & Wellness Services

August 14, 2015

Welcome to all new and returning students from all of us at Health & Wellness Services! We’re here to support you in all aspects of health. To us, health doesn’t just mean an absence of physical sickness. We provide services and programs designed to help you thrive mentally, emotionally and physi...

A walk down memory lane with Senator Kohl-Welles

Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles | Washington Senator

June 24, 2015

I am heartbroken over the death of WSU President Elson Floyd. I’d so hoped he would recover and be back at the helm of his cherished university.I first got to know Dr. Floyd in 1993 when I was a new legislator and he became Executive Director of the Higher Education Coordinating Board. As Vice Chair th...

Remembering a president and colleague

Melynda Huskey | Interim Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students

June 24, 2015

When I think of President Floyd, I see him so clearly, leaning back in his chair, eyebrows raised, fingers steepled, smiling wrily and overflowing with vitality, energy, charisma—and relentlessly pushing, pushing, pushing me to serve students better, to remove barriers to their success, to make WSU a b...

‘The real deal in every sense of the word’

Calley Hair | Former Evergreen editor-in-chief

June 24, 2015

World class, face to face. I’ve spent the last four years pondering our school motto.Because it seems a bit contradictory. How can you focus on contributing to a truly world-class academic institution while simultaneously trying to make a personal connection to every one of its staff and students? ...

The May 15 Document Submission Deadline — What it is and why it matters

Frank McNeilly | Student Financial Services Graduate Assistant

April 6, 2015

May 15 is a significant date in Student Financial Services (SFS), and for some students it can be important as well.Part of the process leading up to awarding students financial aid is verifying that awarding is accurate. The U.S. Department of Education requires every college to review certain criteria ...

House Bill 1238: Time to lower tuition

Rep. Gerry Pollet | Guest columnist

March 12, 2015

We must unite this legislative session to break down barriers to college education, and ensure the opportunities of higher education are affordable for everyone.But what do we mean by saying college should be affordable?Tuition doubled since 2008, and now costs over 20 percent of the average family’s...

Affordable higher education possible

Sen. John Braun | Guest columnist

March 5, 2015

Affordable access to higher education and economic strength have always been closely connected. As the global economy becomes increasingly competitive, Washington must provide opportunities for our citizens to acquire skills that give us an advantage. Maintaining an effective higher education syste...

Making Education Opportunities a Reality

Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers | Guest columnist

February 26, 2015

For as long as I can remember, my parents’ dream for me was to go to college. So when I showed my animals at the 4H fairs, my parents told me, “Cathy, save that money so you can go to college one day.” So I did. I saved hard and dreamed big. Years later, I put on my cap and gown, stood beside ...

Successfully navigating university financial aid

BY FRANCIS MCNEILLY | Evergreen guest columnist

January 16, 2015

Your ticket to cash in college is the FAFSA, and meeting deadlines.It hardly seems time to be thinking about next school year (2015-16) when the spring semester just got rolling and you’re still recovering from the malaise of being back to the college student “grind.”But, now IS the time to prepar...

Faster, friendlier financial aid

Brian Dixon, Assistant Vice President for Student Financial Services | Guest Columnist

August 25, 2014

I recently moved to Pullman from Wisconsin, my home of 40 years, to become WSU’s new Assistant Vice President of Student Financial Services. The first thing I learned upon my arrival is that it is no secret the past two years in the financial aid office at WSU have been challenging. Many factors co...

Protecting the Dunes

MARTY MENDIOLA | U.S. Army Corps of Engineers operations project manager

August 22, 2014

Visitor safety on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers lands is a high priority. Our Lower Granite Lock and Dam rangers and staff do their best to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for visitors to Illia Dunes and Granite Point.We ask visitors, including WSU students, to do their part, too. We thank tho...

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