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A letter from Schulz: An experience to savor

KIRK SCHULZ | WSU president

December 12, 2016

Life on a college campus is an experience to treasure.Yes, it’s an experience often defined by assignments, deadlines, projects and meetings.Yes, it’s often a hectic day-to-day existence, as we balance academic responsibilities with the lure of amazing campus activities that create life-changing ...

In defense of fraternity and sorority life from a non-Greek student

In defense of fraternity and sorority life from a non-Greek student

LANCE LIJEWSKI | Guest columnist

November 15, 2016

November has been a wild month for opinions, especially here in Pullman.Between the results of our nation’s presidential election to the latest moratorium imposed on local fraternity and sorority life, it would seem like no conversation can be had without divisiveness.With the moratorium on social...

Guest column: Euthanasia is never the easy way out for WSU’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital

CHARLIE POWELL | Public Information Officer at the WSU College of Veterinary Medicine

September 16, 2016

Yesterday, an Evergreen writer penned an opinion piece titled, “Animal euthanasia is the easy way out.” It awkwardly approached how society relates the value of animal life as compared to human life.The piece began with incorrect and inaccurate information. She referenced a patient suffering rare n...

Guest column: WSU is a place of inclusion, not exclusion

Guest column: WSU is a place of inclusion, not exclusion

GAVIN PIELOW | President of the Young Democrats

September 13, 2016

The Young Democrats of WSU convene this fall semester with a critical election just around the corner.Most of the Young Democrats, including myself, actually caucused in the name of Bernie Sanders. Though we remain inspired by Bernie’s unparalleled integrity and benevolent idealism, it’s not to s...

Guest column: College Republicans strive to make WSU great again

JAMES ALLSUP | Club President of the College Republicans

September 8, 2016

Over the past year, WSU College Republicans have been the subject of quite a bit of discussion.Protesters at our events have called us “Nazis” for supporting Donald Trump.Bitter former club presidents have accused me, as club president, of being a “fear monger” that has “hijacked” the direction ...

Honors college dean: letter to graduates

Grand Norton | Evergreen contributor, Dean, WSU Honors College

May 6, 2016

I would like to congratulate all the students graduating Saturday. This is a very important milestone and represents a time of hope and excitement. I believe that all of you have the potential to make a significant impact in the world.The opportunities are waiting for you, be ready to recognize them and take ...

Veterinary medicine dean: letter to graduates

Bryan Slinker | Evergreen contributor, Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine

May 6, 2016

As Dean for WSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine, I congratulate the 122 wonderful individuals who will become the most recent addition to the ranks of veterinarians practicing around the country in a wide array of settings.Your Coug DVM family is proud of what you’ve accomplished and who you have ...

College of education dean: letter to graduates

Michael Trevisan | Evergreen contributor, Dean, WSU College of Education

May 6, 2016

I never tire of the rhythm of the academic year at WSU. The excitement at the start of fall semester and welcoming new students, the sometimes feeling of an endless semester where students and faculty are working hard, and the buildup toward commencement and the celebration of a job well done are al...

Arts and sciences dean: letter to graduates

Daryll DeWald | Evergreen contributor, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

May 6, 2016

Dear Class of 2016,You are now part of the legacy of Washington State University, and the College of Arts and Sciences is proud to have been your partner during your academic journey.You are the next generation of leaders. Whether you are a physics major going on tomedical school, a history major leading a s...

Graduation letter from College of Communication dean

Lawrence Pintak | Evergreen contributor, Dean of Edward R. Murrow College of Communication

May 6, 2016

Dear Murrow College graduate:“Anyone who believes the future will be easier than the past is mad.” The words are not mine; they are those of our college’s namesake, Edward R. Murrow, in his WSU commencement address in 1962. It is a daunting and exhilarating notion.The world has changed dramatica...

Exploring racial privilege

Exploring racial privilege

BY JORDEN WILSON | Evergreen columnist

April 5, 2016

Earlier this week, while browsing my somewhat uneventful news ‘highlight’ reels on various social media websites, a headline punched the air right out of my lungs — an article on CNN’s website titled, “It’s time to talk about ‘black privilege.’”The first time I read the title, I thought I ...

Guest editorial: Helping the planet year-round

BY KRISTIE MIDDLETON | Guest columnist

April 5, 2016

Over the last decade, phrases like ‘go green’ and ‘reduce your carbon footprint’ have become firmly embedded in our lexicon, just as Earth Day has become an annual celebration. As an environmental advocate, this couldn’t make me happier. I’ve been inspired to see people switch to efficie...

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