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‘Bipolar’ means more than two extremes

May 14, 2014

Hello,I am writing in regards to the article "Keeping cool" in the May 1 edition of The Daily Evergreen. Immediately upon reading this letter, I wanted to bring to your attention the inappropriate wording used in the article.The first line "Goodbye bipolar weather, hello sunshine" is extremely inappr...

Letter to the editor: Don’t be inactive this election season

Letter to the editor

May 5, 2014

Oh no, it is an election year again. Yes, it’s true. So it is time to register to vote or to update your voter status.In Whitman County, there are almost 5,000 inactive voters. That is, voters who have had their ballots or notices returned to the elections office as “undeliverable.”Our first reac...

Letter to the editor: There’s help for victims of sexual assault

Letter to the editor

April 10, 2014

Editor:Thank you for providing front page information on Wednesday in “Speaking out: Students and faculty talk sexual assault at public forum in the CUB.”It was noted “WSU mandates that employees report instances of sexual assault …”  Please note mental health providers at Counseling and Testing...

Letter to the editor: Congress deserves what?

Letter to the editor

April 9, 2014

Editor:On Tuesday, Josh Babcock asserted that our hard working members of Congress deserve an increase in pay, because they are "being financially duped,” in “Congress deserves an increase in pay.”This assertion was backed by citing such laughable sources as the pay of professional athletes or membe...

Letter to the Editor: ZZUSIS and Blackboard: knowing the difference

Letter to the editor

April 8, 2014

Editor:I am writing concerning the “Zzu-sucks” column published last week. Babcock provides a wealth of information on Blackboard Learn, which I appreciate. It is clear, however, that the distinction between a learning management system (LMS), such as Blackboard Learn or ANGEL and a portal system such...

Letter to the editor: Gaining attention for all the wrong reasons

Letter to the editor

March 14, 2014

Editor:First, let me thank you for putting a crossword in almost every issue this semester. That being said, it is the only reason I pick up the paper in the morning – aside from the police blotter, of course. Sarcasm aside, the lack of any actual news is a huge disappointment. At present, the world w...

Letter to the editor: A vegetarian lifestyle can be healthy

Letter to the editor

March 12, 2014

Editor: As the president and founder of VegWSU, our school's new plant-based diet club, I feel that the opinions expressed in the March 10 article “Score for the carnivores” were poorly supported and the lifestyle was misrepresented.First of all, the article suggests that iron, zinc and B12 are onl...

Letter to the editor: Trying to plant the seed for vegetarians

Letter to the editor

March 12, 2014

Editor:I understand that the opinion section is just that – opinion. But Marissa Mararac’s piece against vegetarians, “Score for carnivores,” is so misinformed that I decided I needed to write in and share some facts.First of all, yes, Vitamin B12 is not found in plants and is found in meat. Howev...

Letter to the editor: Say yes to tobacco free

Letter to the editor

March 7, 2014

After reading the article “Tobacc-no,” I applaud the ASWSU Senate for its efforts toward designating WSU Pullman as a tobacco-free campus.This is the exact type of advocacy that the student government was created for. The Vancouver and Spokane campuses of Washington State University already have ...

Letter to the editor: A misrepresented Dance-A-Thon

Letter to the editor

March 5, 2014

Editor:On March 1 at 11:59 p.m., students from across campus held each other in a large circle screaming their lungs out to “Don't Stop Believin'.” A minute later they collapsed down, and it might’ve been dramatic, but what else are you supposed to do after dancing for 12 hours?More than 200 danc...

Letter to the editor: You will be missed

Letter to the editor

February 21, 2014

Editor:On Wednesday we learned of the death of Scott Stratton. I was privileged to have taken his History 110 class last semester, and I was taking History 111 with him this spring semester of 2014.The snow has fallen down on Pullman again, but this time it seems colder somehow.With the death of Stratto...

Letter to the editor: Memories of professor Stratton

Letter to the editor

February 21, 2014

Editor:I was shocked and dismayed at the news of professor Stratton's death.Just a few weeks ago, we had email correspondence concerning letters of recommendation. It seems unreal.He taught my history seminar my senior year at WSU, and I remember him being so kind, gentle, helpful, and engaging. In...

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