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The Daily Wildcat is not responsible for the Megan Coghlan article

November 18, 2013

Editor:Congrats on your win over the Arizona Wildcats on Saturday, but in light of some emails and voicemail messages I’ve received from WSU fans, I wanted to write and clear the air. The Daily Wildcat did not publish the controversial piece written by our co-sports editor Megan Coghlan for a Yahoo Sports blo...

Thank you for standing up for us Christians

November 18, 2013

Editor:I hadn't even gotten halfway through Alyssa Reynolds’ column - "Praying for Tolerance" - when I decided that I needed to write in to thank you. As someone who identifies as a Christian, I find myself walking a careful line each day. Although I have the human right to believe in what I believe and t...

A homeless faux paux

November 13, 2013

Editor:If you were to ask any of my friends about my sense of fashion, they would laugh out loud and say I don’t have one. So I was intrigued by Lance Lijewski’s informative article on Hippie-Boho.But Mr. Lijewski’s comment: “It’s almost impossible to look attractive and stay comfortable wit...

More excellent health coverage is appreciated

November 8, 2013

Editor:I have never before contacted you about a story run in your paper. To be honest, I have yet to come across one that I felt it really warranted my time. That was until I read “Addiction Comes in Many Forms” by Alyssa Reynolds. I would like to say her article was very well constructed. I like the...

The continuation of politics by other means

November 8, 2013

Editor:The Wednesday, Nov. 6 issue of The Daily Evergreen featured an opinion piece titled “Common Core politics.” Politics is all this opinion is: Mitch Strang's use of neo-conservative sources swings what could have been a thoughtful analysis of the issues and pitfalls in creating nationwide educa...

Accurate alcohol and marijuana information

Letter to the editor

October 29, 2013

Editor:To start, I want to say thank you for running the two columns about police encounters and the new marijuana law in the opinion section yesterday. They were well written, and understanding your rights with alcohol is extremely important.However, in the marijuana article, there was a place where the di...

Shuttle service made available for Halloween

October 23, 2013

Editor:We would like to offer additional information to supplement that which was provided in Monday's letter to the editor concerning game day parking for the Oct. 31 home football game.It is correct that WSU parking permit holders will need to vacate their parking lots by 1 p.m. that day. However, a free sh...

Letter to the editor: WSU can’t grind to a halt for a football game

October 21, 2013

Editor:I was frustrated and disappointed when I heard that class would be canceled for the Thursday game at the end of October. While I understand the logic of the decision (I'm sure most undergrads are thrilled at the idea of a Halloween pre-funk in the form of Cougar football), I was dismayed to th...

GMOs aren’t harmful

October 16, 2013

Editor:The GMO article left me confused about why the author really wants Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) to be labeled. It repeatedly stated that the consumer has a right to know where their food comes from. I agree with this. Unfortunately, there are few laws that regard informing consumers where...

Big business exemption

October 16, 2013

Editor:Regarding the recent column about the shutdown, some say that the GOP is stonewalling a law that has been passed, but they fail to mention that in reality the Republicans are not stonewalling the law as it was passed. Obama said the rich would pay their fair share, yet exempted big business from ObamaCar...

Major League Soccer is just as important as NFL

October 14, 2013

Editor:The few times I have seen articles in The Daily Evergreen about sports outside of Pullman, they have been about the Seahawks. I’ve wondered why other regional sports aren’t also covered. For the sports section to receive my best regards, it needs to include more than just Pete Carroll and R...

Obama is not the one to blame for shutdown

October 14, 2013

Editor:Wednesday’s "Thanks Obama" column targeted the entirely wrong person responsible for the shutdown, not to mention it contained some misinformation. Mount Vernon was mistakenly closed and reopened shortly thereafter, specifically because it's not federal property.First off, the GOP is currently s...

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