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Letter to the editor: Counter-protesting does not infringe on free speech

CASSIE GERAGHTY | Pullman October 18, 2016

In response to Friday’s letter to the editor, ‘Conservatives won’t be silent’:Yes, Andrew, you most definitely have a right to express your freedom of speech.We respect that, and anyone who tries...

Letter to the editor: Conservatives won’t be silent

ANDREW LUEDEKE | Pullman October 14, 2016

WSU’s own College Republicans have now given a reason for every student, staff and faculty member on campus to be scared.But it isn’t for the reason you might think.Freedom of speech is being targeted...

Reader reactions: ‘Football player charged with felony robbery’

October 12, 2016

Readers react to criminal charges filed against sophomore linebacker Logan Tago. The Whitman County Prosecutor, Denis Tracy, charged Tago with second-degree robbery and fourth-degree assault. Head Coach...

Letter to the editor: Alt-right politics

FASHINGA OGOYO | Pullman October 12, 2016

As of Oct. 13, the editorial staff has not been able to get in contact with the author of this letter. The Daily Evergreen cannot verify its authenticity.There has been much talk at WSU lately about the...

Letter to the editor: Trump’s ‘locker room banter’

NORA SABIA | Pullman October 11, 2016

The “locker room banter” America heard in a 2005 recording of Donald Trump should have surprised us, but it didn’t.While I am disgusted and incensed by his comments, it’s not the first time I have...

Letter to the editor: Library budget

JULIA PUSATERI | Pullman October 5, 2016

President Kirk Schulz and Provost Dan Bernardo hope to ensure that the university moves into the Center for Measuring University Performance’s (CMUP) list of Top 25 Public Research Institutions and increase...

Letter to the editor: Clinton’s donors

JESSE WAITE | Pullman October 4, 2016

Throughout this election, Hillary Clinton has framed herself as the middle class candidate of choice, citing her opposition to Wall Street interests.This is laughably insincere. According to federal election...

Letter to the editor: Social media and political discussion

RYAN MANNY | Pullman October 4, 2016

The first presidential debate was last week, and its aftereffects are everywhere.It resulted in classroom discussions, ammunition for talk-show hosts and spades of social media coverage.As everyone knows,...

Letter to the editor: Third party candidates

KYLE ROYCE | Pullman September 29, 2016

Third party candidatesAfter reading the recent commentaries in this newspaper, I’ve come to realize that this election has effectively cut the middle ground out of American politics.The political debates...

Letter to the editor: Conservative opinions

MARIO VEGA | Pullman September 28, 2016

As Americans we aren’t unfamiliar to stress caused by the topic of politics. Division is nothing new to elections, and this one has been particularly contentious. However, it’s been getting out of...

Letter to the editor: Drive to 25

WILEY HOLLINGSWORTH | Pullman September 27, 2016

Regarding the WSU administration's disavowal of a public statement on wolf management made by Professor Robert Wielgus, director of the Large Carnivore Conservation Lab at WSU:Drive to 25? What world-class...

Reader reactions: ‘Faculty free speech under siege’

September 27, 2016

Readers react to a column by Tyler Laferriere discussing WSU’s Aug. 31 disavowal of Professor Robert Wielgus’s comments to the Seattle Times about the lethal removal of the Profanity Peak wolf pack....

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