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100 years later: Another pandemic hits

WSU, formerly known as Washington State College, did not allow townspeople to visit campus during the 1918 pandemic. Cases slowed in the winter but spiked in the fall.

EMMA LEDBETTER, Evergreen reporter

October 1, 2020

People alive today have become familiar with widespread mask usage, self-quarantines and the politicization of a public health crisis.  Just over 100 years ago, conditions were eerily similar, said Melissa Nicolas, associate professor in the WSU Department of English. Nicolas, who is researching the 1...

Local farm creates sustainable structure

The Hands and Hearts Farm was created about six years ago to help co-owner Ames Fowler complete graduate school.

JENAE LAXSON, Evergreen reporter

October 1, 2020

A husband and wife duo became business partners when they opened a farm in the Palouse region to bolster the husband's graduate school education. Hands and Hearts Farm is a small farm located in Moscow that is owned by Ames Fowler and Delaney Piper. The farm provides fresh produce, poultry, lamb an...

WSU library curates Black pioneer history

A former WSU professor worked to curate the collection, which was then used as educational tools for middle school history courses.

HANNAH FLORES, Evergreen reporter

October 1, 2020

About 50 years ago, one WSU professor saw the importance of documenting the stories of Black individuals in the Pacific Northwest and began creating audio recordings. The collection can now be accessed through the WSU Libraries Digital Collections. The collection contains the rich history of Black pioneers in the...

Pullman chamber director leads city to change

Marie Dymkoski began her career for the Pullman chamber in 2007. She promotes projects focused on local businesses and housing.

SANDI KOBIESA, Evergreen reporter

October 1, 2020

The Pullman Chamber of Commerce became the information center for business resources during the pandemic with Marie Dymkoski at the heart of the operation.  Dymkoski, Pullman Chamber executive director, works to help local businesses and the City of Pullman. She worked for the chamber since 2007 as an o...

Ask Emma: I need tips to break up the monotony

With COVID-19 limiting options for social interaction, Emma gives tips on how to keep away boredom. Some activities include going on daily walks and having a fall photoshoot.

EMMA LEDBETTER, Evergreen columnist

September 28, 2020

Dear Emma, My days are all starting to run together. I am so bored, I can’t even express it.  I go to classes. I eat. I sleep. I repeat. I need something to break up the monotony. Any tips (other than Netflix or procrastinating my classwork)? Thanks, Blasé Dear Blasé, Great ...

Pullman consignment shop creates boutique experience

Michelle's Closet in downtown Pullman opened last year and offers shoppers affordable clothing prices with a brand-new clothing look.

SANDI KOBIESA, Evergreen reporter

September 28, 2020

Michelle’s Closet celebrated its one-year anniversary last week. Owner Michelle Kelly said she remembered being a student at WSU and noticing there were no consignment shops within walking distance.  “I wanted to add more affordable shopping to our area," Kelly said. "My goal was to be the m...

One local’s 20-year journey with sewing

Jody Boroughs began to sew when she was just a child. To continue her passion, she opened an Etsy shop, Fly Monkey Fly, to sell handmade bags.

MATAYA SIEMION, Evergreen reporter

September 28, 2020

Jody Boroughs' passion for sewing extends to over two decades. Two years ago, she decided to start up her own online business, Fly Monkey Fly, selling handmade bags. Boroughs’ grandmother sewed around her while she was growing up, but Boroughs did not touch a sewing machine until she was in her e...

Local business owner gets ‘down to the smallest details’

Rya Ramsay decided to start her own jewelry business in 2019 after her search for necklaces with her children’s initials turned up dry.

HANNAH FLORES, Evergreen reporter

September 24, 2020

Prior to launching her shop, Rya Ramsay considered jewelry an afterthought — something to bring an outfit together. A few years later, she is now the sole proprietor of Rya Ramsay’s Designs, an online shop that produces sustainable and minimalistic accessories.  Ramsay said when she made the switch to more sustainable jewelry, she hoped to...

Where coffee, art merge together

The owners of Cafe Artista, a mother and daughter duo, opened the coffee shop after a storefront in downtown Moscow became vacant.

ELIZA CALLIS, Evergreen reporter

September 24, 2020

Moscow is home to many small businesses, but the mother and daughter duo who own Cafe Artista has a unique position in town. The cafe on Moscow’s Main Street sells local coffee and food while featuring up-and-coming artists' work for consignment.  Lisa Bafus, Cafe Artista co-owner, said she...

Pullman-based salon built on teamwork

LaBella Salon owner Heather Meyer created the salon to allow employees to grow in education and offer pristine services to Pullman residents.

ANNIE HAGER, Evergreen reporter

September 24, 2020

The owner of LaBella Salon set out to provide a high-end experience for customers looking for haircuts and coloring services six years ago. Heather Meyer, LaBella Salon owner, has been styling hair for 30 years. Meyer said although the beauty industry is looked down upon a lot of the time, her team ...

WSU alumni create local coffee roast company

The Kamiak Coffee Company based in Moscow sells its roasts to local coffee shops, such as the Moscow Food Co-op and Café Artista, as well as to customers around the country.

MATAYA SIEMION, Evergreen reporter

September 21, 2020

Two years ago, Kyle O’Malley and Grant Schoenlein decided to quit their stable jobs and start working on their dream of creating a premium coffee company in Moscow.  Both O’Malley and Schoenlein graduated from WSU and are two of just a handful of WSU alumni that started their own coffee roast...

Ask Emma: I need a better work-life balance

Finding the right balance between school, work and personal time is hard. Emma tackles this topic by suggesting people to intentionally set certain hours to relax and unwind.

EMMA LEDBETTER, Evergreen columnist

September 17, 2020

Dear Emma,  I'm really struggling to maintain my work-life boundaries, and I’m not really sure the best way to go about fixing that. It's pretty much impossible to take a day off from my job, although I keep trying for some reason. I feel bad when I'm not constantly available and able to respo...

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