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A grandfather, clippers and a legacy

WSU Senior Nichio Bryant cuts hair in a client’s home as part of his door-to-door business plan, Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2013. Bryant inherited his clippers from his grandfather.

By Alex Madison

September 19, 2013

Senior Nichio Bryant learned to cut hair by watching his grandfather. Now he works as a mobile barber, catering to people throughout Pullman and WSU.His mode of transportation? A bicycle.Bryant said he was bored during a summer session in Pullman when he formed the idea as a way to make some extra mon...

College students should keep it in their pants

College students should keep it in their pants

By Abby Student

September 17, 2013

While definitions of cheating come in a wide variety, they generally revolve around two main ideas: betrayal and broken trust.Eve blazed the trail when she found herself screwed, apple in hand, in the Garden of Eden. Ever since, mankind has struggled to resist all sorts of temptation, including infid...

Auditioning for success

By Catherine Kruse

September 17, 2013

When auditions roll around for a new show at the Regional Theatre of the Palouse (RTOP), aspiring and experienced actors take on the challenge of marketing their skills.“The main thing is if you really, really want to do it, even if you’re not that experienced, if you really have a passion and wi...

Potatoes make for perfect fall football game fare

Maxwell Reister

September 13, 2013

Football and potatoes are a great matchup. On a chilly fall evening, a baked potato’s steamy warmth provides lots of energy to shout support for the home team.The potato’s portability makes it easy to smuggle into outdoor sporting events, saving the bearer from endless queues and price-gouging ...

Finding passion in a fresh start

Alex Madison

September 13, 2013

At 35 years old, WSU student Jonathan Matteson was given the opportunity to uncover a hidden talent and dust off an old dream.Jonathan made a leap of faith when he decided to abandon his job in marketing to chase a late-blooming but passionate dream.“I wanted to always be smiling about my career, ...

Friends without benefits: dealing with friendship post breakup

By Abby Student

September 10, 2013

Dear Abby,My boyfriend and I broke up over the summer and he is very interested in staying friends with me. I am all for being friendly acquaintances down the line, but I am not really over him yet and need more time before deciding if we can be friends. How do I keep some space between us without givi...

Transition from college to job is determined now

By Chelsea Keyes

September 10, 2013

Having a plan is critical during your college years. It allows you to set out, organize and execute not only your goals, but also your priorities. Note that most students with higher levels of performance have created a plan and have carried it out superbly.Success after college doesn’t come easy. Failin...

Picking up more than just a one night stand: dos and don’ts

Abby Student

September 5, 2013

Some romances begin with the “you had me at hello” moment, and then there are those that require a few more words.It’s no secret that pickup lines appeal to our sense of humor, and the resulting laughter is what gets the foot in the door for a deeper conversation.Interestingly enough and according t...

Kamiak Butte trails offer opportunity for hiking, camping and exploring

Hannah Lambert, Evergreen reporter

September 3, 2013

Located just 10 miles outside of Pullman, Kamiak Butte has been a recognized National Natural Landmark for almost five decades.Tim Myers, director of Whitman County Parks Department, said part of Kamiak’s beauty is that it offers a great look at the nature of the Palouse and that, for this reason, many ...

Performances for the Pullman community

The RTOP Theatre in Pullman offers the community productions throughout the year.

Catherine Kruse, Evergreen reporter

September 3, 2013

Renovated from the foundation of Pullman’s history, the Regional Theatre of the Palouse now stands as a playhouse for locals to enjoy live theater.Located in downtown Pullman, the RTOP gathers community members to put on four shows with performances in the summer, winter, fall and spring.A semi-profess...

An atmosphere for all needs

Alex Madison, Evergreen reporter

September 3, 2013

Underground in a room filled with people and the aroma of fresh espresso, Zoe Coffee House and Pub attracts those searching for the novel, owner Mike Wagoner said.Since 2005, Zoe has served coffee and food to the Pullman community."Hopefully when people hear the name ‘Zoe’ they think of home, awesome coffee, awe...

The Palouse treasures Palouse Treasures

Maxwell Reister, Evergreen columnist

September 3, 2013

Avast, me hearties; though it be landlocked like a mole chained to a tree, Pullman has a treasure trove Captain Hook would give his last hand for.Boasting two decks stuffed to the gills with the flotsam and jetsam of the area, Palouse Treasures is a thrift shop behind Dissmore’s on the north end of t...

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