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Local sex shop owner offers tips

The best way to learn about your sexuality? Have sex and try new toys for yourself and your partner.

SAM SCHMITKE, Evergreen reporter

February 15, 2019

There’s a lot you can learn from the owner of a local sex shop. Katherine Sprague, owner of Safari Pearl and Eclectica, said she knows how to make sex fun and safe. Sprague said that around 40 percent of her customers are couples; the rest is an even split between men and women. “Of course, our ...

Pornography could condition an addiction

Porn could be great for that instant gratification, but over time, those graphic scenes could manifest into an addiction.

SAM SCHMITKE, Evergreen reporter

February 15, 2019

According to psychologists, interest in BDSM might be caused by the porn you watch. Collin Hansen, a life and health counselor associate, has his own psychology practice in Vancouver, Washington. Hansen focuses his practice on pornography addiction in men. He said the brain isn’t fully formed ...

SATIRE: How to make a dope tinder profile

Ladies love dead fish, obscure quotes and looking like a total douche.

ISAAC SEMMLER, Evergreen columnist

February 15, 2019

Whatever reason you may have for hopping on Tinder, you’re going to need to create a dope profile if you want people to swipe right. If you found that your profile isn’t having a lot of success, it's most likely because your bio and pictures are trash and you need to step up your game. Tyson...

Understand your body before taking birth control

When the birth control pill was not an option and the Mirena IUD gave this writer migraines and hormonal acne she had to hunt for a solution — NuvaRing.

CHLOE GRUNDMEIER, Evergreen columnist

February 15, 2019

College students have sex, and all of us have different bodies with their own hormonal cycle. Finding the right birth control method can be effortless for some, but for others it can take months of trial and error. As a sufferer of hormonal migraines, my journey was not an easy one. “A more permanent...

Men shouldn’t be ashamed of arriving early

Women don't have the same extensive recovery period post-orgasm that men do, so this can make some men feel embarrassed about coming too soon.

ALEX BIVIANO, Evergreen columnist

February 15, 2019

"Arriving early" in the bedroom can happen to anyone at any given time, and that thought is terrifying to men everywhere. Unlike penis size or any other physical factor in the bedroom, the countdown before liftoff is different in every sexual encounter. Many experts blame nature rather than nurtur...

Street talk: What is the best first date outfit?

SKYLAR KERSTEN, Evergreen columnist

February 15, 2019

"Something semi-formal, but not too formal. Like a button-up and slacks." - Jarrett Bouvier | freshman, kinesiology   “Something not too warm but not too cold ... jeans and a Wazzu hoodie and maybe a cougar football jersey over it.” - Alex Lam | freshman, athletic training   “Dress so I don’t have...

WSU should provide better resources for assault victims

Both WSU students and survivors of sexual assault and harassment around the country have come forward on social media with the hashtag #metoo.

DEYANIRA TOVAR, Evergreen columnist

February 15, 2019

In 2006, Tarana Burke founded the MeToo movement with the goal of helping survivors of sexual assault heal from their experiences. Burke's vision was for the movement to devote attention to the lack of resources for survivors of sexual assault and create a community of advocates, run by survivors, to...

Q&A: Have you ever been caught having sex?

Look, we're just trying to have some privacy ... in an open space.

SIGMUND SEROKA, Evergreen reporter

February 15, 2019

Sex is awkward enough, with all the behaviors we'd never do around anyone else manifesting as moans and screams and steamy windows. What's worse is when a third party walks in, uninvited, and sees the dirty deed. Here are some stories of WSU students that got caught while doing it. Carl, junior at WSU ...

SATIRE: A guide to gains in the bedroom

Get ripped at the gym and your performance in the bedroom will follow suit.

ALEX BIVIANO, Evergreen columnist

February 15, 2019

We all know that power is the most important part of sex. Using any kind of finesse is for women and has zero place for men in the bedroom. Thrusting aimlessly and powerfully is what men do. As a gains enthusiast, I sleep with lots of women, at least when my member isn’t broken due to steroid use....

How to be an ally to LGBTQ+ community members

As more people feel safe

CARMEN JARAMILLO, Evergreen reporter

February 15, 2019

Being an ally is about more than the word. It is about more than giving someone a place in your life and accepting them for who they are, be it a cursory acquaintance or a close friend. It’s about listening, understanding, learning and leveraging your own personal privileges for social change. Being...

SATIRE: Kidz Bop sex playlist will rock your world, spice up activities

Nothing screams

MILA WIDMAYER, Evergreen columnist

February 15, 2019

As cuffing season rears its ugly head, couples are finding new and exciting ways to spice up their bedroom activities. While some traditions tend to involve food or pleather, the most classic way to get your partner in the mood is with a good old fashioned playlist. If you’re looking for som...

Satire: Impress your suitor with fun first date ideas

It’s easy to be nervous for a first date, but keeping some tricks in your pocket will help you feel confident. Be sure to be yourself around your potential suitor, even if that involves dressing like a slob or being rude to waiters.

TRINITY PIERCE, Evergreen columnist

February 15, 2019

For those with a crush, Valentine’s Day is probably one of the best days to confess your attraction or make the first move and ask your crush on a date. However, many often freeze after they receive the unexpected answer of “yes” from their crush and end up canceling due to fear of taking their...

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