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The student voice of Washington State University since 1895

The Daily Evergreen

The student voice of Washington State University since 1895

The Daily Evergreen

Student Media needs your help!

The Daily Evergreen is at risk of reducing its print frequency following budget deficit projections that would drain our entire reserves. Now, we are asking for your help in maintaining the caliber of work that The Daily Evergreen and the Office of Student Media currently produce.


Student Media provides vital services to the community:

  • As the most skeptical news source on campus, The Daily Evergreen takes pride in being watchdogs for the students and holding the university accountable, especially in reference to spending and budget decisions.
  • The Office of Student Media employs nearly 100 students of all majors and teaches them professional communication skills that prepare them to work in the field.
  • With the largest newsroom in the region, the Evergreen has more journalists reporting about student and university issues than any other local newspaper.
  • The Daily Evergreen offers advertising to local businesses and campus organizations and helps to publicize local events and activities.
  • Evergreen coverage allows students to be recognized for their hard work and achievements around the community.
  • The Daily Evergreen serves as a permanent copy of regional history.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How much will the Student Media fee cost and when will I have to pay?

The proposed $5 fee would be paid at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters.

Who will pay the fee?

The fee will be voted on by both undergraduate and graduate students.

What will the money go toward?

While the money will help fund the Office of Student Media, the fee will go toward the day-to-day operations of The Daily Evergreen. The other publications created by the office, the Chinook Student Yearbook and the Visitor’s Guide Magazine, produce revenue and are self-sustaining. The Evergreen has relied mostly on advertising revenue to sustain itself over the years, but nationally declining sales in print advertising have affected the publication’s ability to produce revenue in this way.

Has the office considered donations or other sources of revenue?

Yes. We are currently working on a voluntary subscription service for faculty, staff, alumni and community members. This is to ensure students will not be the sole funding for a publication that produces content for a wide range of audiences. Readers also have the option to donate to the Office of Student Media through the WSU Foundation.

Why is the Office of Student Media asking for help now?

As stated above, the Office of Student Media is facing budget deficit projections that would completely drain its reserves if publication of The Daily Evergreen continues at its current pace. This semester, the Office of Student Media has made $40,000 in cuts that protect the reader experience. If the office cannot secure a sustainable source of revenue to maintain operations, we will have to make cuts to print frequency that would damage the reader experience.

I don’t read the Evergreen everyday. Why should I care?

We believe that having a well-informed student body can contribute to a more engaged community. There is value in having reporters in the room on important meetings between university officials. This push for transparency helps to hold people in positions of power accountable for any decisions they make, especially those that affect the student body.

When do I vote?

Voting for ASWSU and GPSA general elections opens March 5 and closes March 7.



See the full referendum here:

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