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Flat meals gain dimension with global pancake variety

Bueberry pancakes with homemade granola for a breakfast recipe that would match the wow factor of a fine dining brunch menu.

Maxwell Reister | Evergreen food columnist

February 25, 2014

When your brain speed is slower than chilled sap, your stack of assigned reading rivals a tree for height and density, and you’re all out of tucker, then it’s time for pancakes.Pancakes are beloved the world round with regional variations available in almost every country and culture.The Spanish m...

Nutty for granola

Basic Granola is a two-in-one recipe: You can serve it with milk for breakfast or sprinkle it over nonfat yogurt for dessert.

Maxwell Reister | Evergreen columnist

February 18, 2014

People rarely consider what food sounds like.Taste and smell may be the main culinary senses, but don’t underestimate importance of hearing when seeking out a satisfying meal. The bubbling of a pot of stew, the tinkle of ice cubes in a glass, the sizzle of a steak – each of these contributes to your ...

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