Rediscovering passion for photos, new purpose as journalist

December 7, 2018

Before I started working at The Daily Evergreen I was losing interest in photography. It was not something I was willing to put effort into anymore. I stopped caring because I had not yet learned how to be a photojournalist.

I later grew to love photography because I saw how passionately other Evergreeners worked. After four semesters of classes and a handful of Evergreen photoshoots, I decided to become a communication major. I remember thinking to myself, “Is this a terrible decision that I will soon regret?”

The following summer I began my first role as a photo editor at the paper. It was one of the best summers of my life. Evergreeners have always been like a family to me.

Leaving my role as an editor last Spring was very bittersweet. Sweet because I could finally cook dinner before 11 p.m. and did not have to rely on late-night burritos, but bitter because I miss having sleep-deprived meaningful conversations with other passionate journalists late on a Tuesday night.

A part of me will miss the dim lights of our basement newsroom, with walls covered in quotes and old newspaper photos.
Down that long hallway to Murrow room 113 is where I found inspiration and some of the closest friendships I have ever had.

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