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For 125 years and counting, The Daily Evergreen has been a place for students to contribute to the community by sharing other’s stories and being creative while doing it. There’s no doubt that the students are the backbone of this organization.


The students who put in long hours in the newsroom, in between classes and on the weekends. The students who go out of their way to report on the truth and bring different perspectives to light. The students who amplify the voices of those who are often unheard. Those are the students who share stories that would otherwise never be seen.


Much like other organizations, the Evergreen has had to make cuts to make ends meet. We’ve had to cut our content adviser position as well as journalism-related travel opportunities. Things we need to continue the function of our newsroom never decrease in price, and recent hardship has brought our budget face-to-face with bigger decisions about the future of our physical paper. Our daily print paper may not be able to keep its five-day production cycle, which is something we’ve fought hard for in the past.


It’s safe to say that although we may be facing financial obstacles, we didn’t let that stop us from keeping our readers informed. We’ve continued to deliver content by any means necessary, and we strive to keep serving our readers — the same way we have since 1895.


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The Daily Evergreen was named the Best All-Around Daily Student Newspaper by the Society of Professional Journalists seven times within Region 10 (all of Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana and Alaska). Other SPJ awards can be found here.


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