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Online and print ads. The free Daily Evergreen is delivered to more than 200 locations in high-traffic areas, including key locations on the Washington State University campus, every Monday through Friday when WSU is in session. The online Evergreen has 70,000 web visitors a month, including WSU alumni across the country. We also publish the annual Visitors Magazine.

Classified ads. Our classified ads cost only $1.30 per line per day with a three-line minimum.

Free ads for student groups. Belong to a student organization at WSU? The Daily Evergreen and the WSU Pullman Services and Activities Fees Committee have partnered to let you advertise your event for free.

Ad options include any size print or online ad. All ad applications must be approved by the Advertising Fund committee. Preference is given to RSOs but any student group may apply for funding.


Free classified ads for students. The Daily Evergreen is offering current WSU students free classified ads. The ads appear in both the print and online editions of the paper.

Length limit is 160 characters, including spaces. (If you create it in Word, you can get a character count.)

Time limit is five publication days. Please send us your ad three days before the ad starts.

To request an ad, log into CougSync, go to the Forms tab, and search for Free Daily Evergreen Classifieds.

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