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Week 2

January 15, 2019

1.Oregon (Last week: 1)


The Ducks have now won eight straight games and have dominated Pac-12 play this season through four games. Oregon has five of their nine players averaging double digits each and are clearly favored to win the division.


2. Stanford (Last week: 2)


Stanford has now won eight straight games and are looking like dangerous competitors for Oregon. Neither Stanford nor Oregon look like they are going to lose right now. With senior forward Alanna Smith paving the way, this Cardinal team will be hard to stop.


3. Oregon State (Last week: 4)

After a tough loss to Texas A&M in mid-December, the Beavers rallied back, winning five games in a row including all four of their conference play matchups. However, it’ll be tough to see them win the Pac-12 after barely escaping some of the less talented teams in the division.


4. Utah (Last week: 7)


The Utes suffered a tough loss to a challenging Oregon State team in early January but with only one loss on the year and an undefeated record on the road this season, Utah has a high chance of moving on up if they stay consistent.


5. Arizona (Last week: 3)


The Wildcats had tremendous success in the non-conference schedule but have looked a little shaky in their conference contests. Despite two of their matchups being against two of the toughest teams, they were blown out by Stanford last night and are 2-4 in the month of January.


6. Arizona State (Last week: 6)


Arizona State saw quite a bit of success in non-conference matchups but their wins in Pac-12 play have not been all that impressive as they scraped by with a win over Cal on Sunday night.


7. UCLA (Last week: 5)


The Bruins looked good in Pac-12 play early on but have now lost three games straight and will look to bounce back with a win this Sunday against the last place Trojans.


8. Washington State (Last week: 10)

WSU crushed the 10-6 Colorado Buffaloes on Sunday afternoon. Despite only having two wins in conference play, they played tightly contested games and have a bright future under Head Coach Kamie Ethridge.


9. California (Last week: 8)


The Golden Bears two straight losses to mediocre conference teams show they aren’t moving up in the rankings anytime soon.


10. Washington (Last week: 12)


UW appeared like they would be a challenge this season yet they have only won one game out of their last seven. They have a lot of work to do in order to move up in the rankings.


11. Colorado (Last week: 9)


Colorado just came off an embarrassing loss to WSU on Sunday and they are now 0-5 in Pac-12 matchups.


12. USC (Last week: 11)


The Trojans are neck and neck with the Buffaloes for last place and have had some harsh losses in the first few weeks of conference play.

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ISAAC SEMMLER, Evergreen reporter

Isaac is a freshman sports management major with a minor in communication. He is from Tacoma, Washington.

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