WSU wide receiver Tavares Martin Jr. suspended

JACOB MOORE, Former Evergreen sports editor

Junior wide receiver Tavares Martin Jr. has been temporarily suspended and will not participate in the upcoming game against Colorado on Saturday, Associate Director of Athletics Bill Stevens confirmed.

Stefanie Loh of the Seattle Times reported that the wide receiver lost “his temper at his teammates after the Cougars’ loss at California on Friday and missing a practice.”

“He was a little angry, saying things hadn’t gone his way the last couple of games,” the athlete’s father, Tavares Martin Sr. said according to the Seattle Times. “He just made a mistake, and he had to pay a price for it. It was a miscommunication between him and the coaches. He was upset. He felt like he should have been more involved in that game.”

Martin Jr. is leading all Cougar receivers with 502 yards and seven touchdowns. Although he is listed on the depth chart for Saturday’s game, it is likely that backup redshirt senior wide receiver CJ Dimry will take his place.

“My son has to do better making sure to control his anger,” Martin Sr. said. “He has to. He’s passionate. He’s a real passionate young man. He has to learn to control his emotions, and him and [redshirt senior quarterback] Luke [Falk] and the whole offense got together and talked about it. Him pulling the stunt he pulled, it didn’t achieve nothing. We learn from our mistakes.”


This story has been updated to provide the newest information.