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The student voice of Washington State University since 1895

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The student voice of Washington State University since 1895

The Daily Evergreen

International Center Staff serve ice cream to participants, April 22.

Coffee Hour: I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream

CAROLYN MCCAMPBELL, Evergreen columnist April 28, 2022

Friday, the International Center held its second to last Coffee Hour. The event succeeded in getting many people into the space with one of the largest turnouts of the semester. The IC featured seven...

Lots of participants are waiting for their burgers at Sunnyside BBQ, April 23.

A sunnyside to Bar-B-Q

CAROLYN MCCAMPBELL, Evergreen columnist April 28, 2022

This past Saturday, the International Center held a Bar-B-Q at Sunnyside Park under the covered picnic area. The event officially started at 11 a.m. and people slowly began to arrive at the park. Organizers...

SLCR held its second annual writing contest this spring.

La Felicidad en 100 Palabras

LANNAN RUIZ April 28, 2022

La felicidad en 100 palabras. Happiness in 100 words.  This semester, the School of Language, Culture, and Race held its second annual Spanish Writing Contest. Open to all WSU campuses and any...

The Walkmens masterpiece is The Rat, off the mediocre album Bow + Arrows.

Songs so good, they make the album look bad

COLE QUINN, Evergreen photo editor April 28, 2022

Whenever I listen to albums, I usually pick out songs that differ in quality from the rest of the album’s material. Some albums may have songs that are mediocre but one or two that are great. Some might...

Good food can be found anywhere, like this dish from South Perry Pizza.

Bite of the Palouse: Tips and Tricks for prospective restaurant-goers

CARSON HOLLAND, Evergreen columnist April 22, 2022

Despite the recent weather, summer is just around the corner. Maybe you don’t believe me; the snow has thrown me off more than once these past couple of weeks. But all and all, most of us at WSU have...

Students at the International Food Festival try dishes from, Italy, Germany, Japan, ect.

Food festival showcases international cuisine

ALEXANDRIA OSBORNE, Evergreen reporter April 21, 2022

“I’m really happy about [the food festival],” IBUS Club President Christian Wilgis said. “A little worried [we were] going to run out of food.” On April 13, the IBUS hosted its International...

Mamatha preforms Bharatanatyam dance during India Night, April 17.

Hundreds attend India Night for a taste of cultural appreciation

PUNEET BSANTI April 21, 2022

The Indian Student Association put together a special night celebrating Indian culture on Sunday. A bevy of singers, dancers and entertainers represented their heritage and culture performed. India...

The Indian Students Association and other guests celebrate the ISC End of year Gala.

The Year End Gala: The International Student Council’s Victory Lap

NIKHIL GANTA, Evergreen reporter April 21, 2022

On Friday, the International Students' Council held its year-end gala celebrating the year’s event achievements. Gabrielle Adamma (she/they), ISC Public Relations/Marketing Co-chair, organized the...

Easter is the holiday celebrating the resurrection of Christ.

Easter with the McCampbells

CAROLYN MCCAMPBELL, Evergreen columnist April 21, 2022

Spring is an important time of year for many cultures of the world. When the winter snow and ice melt, there is a rebirth of nature. For Judaism, Islam and Christianity, also known as the big three...

“Korean American: Food That Tastes Like Home,” complete with baby photos, is a cookbook that tells the story of Eric Kims life, as defined by the relationship between family and food.

Cookbook reflects on tensions in cultural identities

MINDY MALONE, Evergreen copy chief April 21, 2022

The first thing I really remember is this Twitter thread that starts, “When I came out to my parents, I was dating a boy who lived in Atlanta.” In the span of six tweets, the author wrote about...

In an introductory performance before the contest, women were asked to take the stage to celebrate womans roles through Native American History.

Pah-Loots-Puu Powwow is back on the Palouse

PUNEET BSANTI April 14, 2022

On an abnormally snowy Saturday outside of Beasley Coliseum, Native American tribes from all over the region traveled to partake in the 44th annual Pah-Loots-Puu Powwow.  A Powwow is a Native American...

The etiquette does and donts of cannabis consumption.

Weed-iquette: A polite idiot’s guide to cannabis

CAROLYN MCCAMPBELL, Evergreen columnist April 14, 2022

Editor's note: *All names of those associated with WSU have been changed for privacy* Do you remember when you were young and everyone said sharing is caring? Share your toys, your food, a hit off your...

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