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Becoming bacteria-free

Becoming bacteria-free

BY HILARY TAYLOR | Evergreen contributor

February 24, 2015

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Reducing food contamination and improving the safety and quality of food is what motivates one scientist at Washington State University.Shyam S. Sablani, a WSU associate professor, is currently working to make frozen red raspberries less susceptible to harmful bacteria by using Ultraviolet light-C or UV-C light.“We are try...

All you need is love (songs)

All you need is love (songs)

Melissa Essig | Daily Evergreen music columnist

February 10, 2014

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It’s cute how so many people like to celebrate a day dedicated to love. Personally, I have yet to experience that inebriated yearning for another human being, but I am a girl. I have feelings, desires and crushes. There are times, mostly late at night, when I get an inkling to feel someone’s breat...

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