Cougs earn draw in Tempe

WSU gives up 2-0 lead, ties Arizona State 2-2



WSU midfielder Sydney Studer runs with the ball, Thursday, Oct. 7, 2021, in Pullman.

ERIN MULLINS, Evergreen reporter

An overtime match ended in a draw for the Cougars on Friday at the Sun Devil Soccer/Lacrosse Stadium, causing the Cougars to fall from second to a tie for third with Stanford in the Pac-12 rankings. 

With the tie, Arizona State rose to ninth in the Pac-12 from their previous position of 10th.

WSU’s record went to 10-2-2 overall and 4-1-1 in conference play while Arizona State’s record went to 8-5-2 overall and 0-4-2 in conference play. 

In the beginning, it seemed like the Cougs were set for a solid win.

The first goal came off of the first shot of the night. Junior defender Bridget Rieken, assisted by fifth-year midfielder Sydney Pulver netted the first goal of the night nine minutes into the game. After the first goal, fifth-year forward Elyse Bennett gained control of the ball and attempted two shots.

The Sun Devils briefly gained control of the ball before Pulver took the ball back for the Cougars, only to have the Sun Devils regain control of the ball. Some fierce play led to three fouls on Washington State before they regained control of the ball. 

Sophomore forward Margie Detrizio and Pulver attempted shots in the 28th and 29th minutes but neither hit the net. Just two seconds later, Bennett scored a goal, her ninth of the season. 

The Sun Devils got the ball after that and attempted many shots before fifth-year forward Olivia Kearse-Thomas, assisted by senior midfielder Eva Van Deursen, scored the first goal of the night for Arizona State in the 40th minute. It was Kearse-Thomas’ third goal of the season.

The action was relatively slim for the last five minutes of the period and the beginning of the second period until the 63rd minute when senior forward Nicole Douglas, assisted by senior midfielder Alexia Delgado and Kearse-Thomas, scored the game-tying goal for the Sun Devils.

It was Douglas’ 15th goal of the season. After a foul on Arizona State,  the Cougars regained control of the ball only to earn two fouls of their own. Neither the Cougars nor the Sun Devils were dominant in their control of the ball for the rest of the second half.

The lack of goals in the rest of the game led to an overtime period. Kearse-Thomas kicked a shot but it went high. Play became aggressive as WSU received a foul and Bennett received a yellow card.

The second shot of the overtime period was once again taken by the Sun Devils. Douglas attempted a shot in the 97th minute but freshman goalkeeper Nadia Cooper stopped the ball from hitting the net. Fifth-year Sun Devil defender Jayda Hylton-Pelaia attempted the third goal in the 99th minute but it was saved by Cooper.

The continued tie on the scoreboard led to a second overtime period. Once again, the Cougars could not maintain control of the ball. Douglas attempted a shot in the 100th minute but it went wide. She attempted another shot in the 106th minute but Cooper stopped it from becoming a goal. 

At the very end of the match, just 20 seconds before the end of the second overtime period, senior defender Kelis Barton attempted a shot but it went wide.  The game would end without any resolution as neither team left victorious. 

Next up for the Cougars are two home games against USC and UCLA, continuing Pac-12 play.  Both the USC game and the UCLA game can be seen in person at the Lower Soccer Field or online at the Pac-12 Network with stats by StatBroadcast.