Trick-or-treaters collect candy

Dozens of costumed children came to Beasley Coliseum to celebrate Halloween


RACHEL SUN | The Daily Evergreen

Evanee Hu, dressed as Wonder Woman, attends the fifth annual Washington State Kids’ Carnival.

RACHEL SUN, Evergreen reporter

Butch T. Cougar admires Moana’s glowing green necklace. Batman rummages through a bucket of candy. Wonder Woman peers over the edge of a table at a pile of chocolates.

Dozens of costumed children mill around Beasley Coliseum Wednesday night for the fifth annual Halloween Carnival.

The event, hosted by WSU Athletics, ASWSU and the Center for Civic Engagement draws representatives from fraternities and sororities, and other student organizations.

Booths draw parents and kids, luring little eyes and hands with nougat, chocolate, lollipops and malt balls.

In addition to providing candies and activities for the flocks of children, organizations compete for the title of “best booth decoration,” and the winner is rewarded with $500 for the philanthropy of their choice.

Katelyn Pummell, a senior human development major, said she loves giving back to the community and interacting with the kids.

“I’ve seen trolls, a pumpkin, a butterfly. They are all so cute,” she said.

Pummell said the department of human development’s philanthropy of choice is the community food bank.

Children trick-or-treat and play games, and a Mickey Mouse walk hand-in-hand with his dad before breaking loose to visit a staff member guarding the door.

At one booth, a fraternity member’s face spreads into a grin as a batgirl, less than half his height, putts at the mini golf.Dozens of costumed children came to Beasley Coliseum to celebrate Hallowee

Elsas, Wonder Women, bumble bees and a green-clad Minecraft character were just a few of the many characters in attendance.

WSU police cadet Riley Moss said some costumes especially stand out.

“The ones in the Iron Man suits are pretty adamant about coming here and getting candy and stickers,” he said. “We did have a little child come by in his mother’s arms – it was a prison jumpsuit – so the old black and white. But it had ‘playpen’ etched on the back, and these little tattoo sleeves on. That was pretty funny.”

At another table, freshman business administration major Olivia Gadau watch kids crowd around the Alpha Phi table.

“Aphi decided to do this to have our own booth and give out the candy for the kids,” Gadau said, “We know that there is a lot of them coming around, so we wanted to help out.”