Deadline approaching for first half intramural leagues


Abby Linnenkohl | The Daily Evergreen

DJ Mackie talks about the impact intramural sports has on students staying in school and in shape.

RYAN MOSHER, Evergreen reporter

The deadline to sign up for the semester’s first intramural sports league is approaching fast. There is a $20 fee to participate in UREC intramurals which covers participation for all sports during the league.

Participating in intramurals on campus is a great way to stay active and interact socially with other students, DJ Mackie, a coordinator of competitive sports and youth programs in UREC, said. He also said that intramurals can help retain students in the university past their first year.

Intramurals are a low time commitment. 95 percent of teams don’t practice, and there is only one single-hour game each week, Mackie said. There are also tournaments students can enter throughout the semester.

This semester UREC is trying to add something new, an intramural beach day. They tried to implement it last semester, but because of wildfire smoke affecting air quality, they were unable to hold it outside. The day would include spike ball, four on four sand volleyball and three on three basketball, held on the Rec Center outdoor courts.

“We’re going to do it again this spring, hopefully when the weather is nice and when no smoke would ruin that day,” Mackie said.

If you miss the deadline for the first half, second half leagues are also available toward the middle of the semester. The deadlines for the second half are March 15 and March 22. To join a league visit For more information about UREC intramurals, see the UREC website on the intramurals page.