New coffee shop serves Indian food

Business owners, old friends collaborate to bring Bangladeshi cuisine to Pullman two days per week



Scott McBeath, owner of Three Forks Bike and Brew, left, and Shaheen Khan, owner of Mela-Bangladeshi Cuisine, combine efforts.

RYAN LUNDBERG, Evergreen reporter

New restaurant Three Forks Bike and Brew now serves Bangladeshi food catered by Mela Bangladeshi Cuisine from 5-7 p.m. on Thursdays and Fridays.

Scott McBeath, owner of Bike and Brew, said Thursdays and Fridays have brought so much attention to his business. He also recommended that those who are interested call ahead, since the seats generally fill up when the Bangladeshi food arrives.

“Last Friday was reservations only,” he said. “That was kind of fun.”

McBeath said he became friends with the owner of Mela Bangladeshi Cuisine, Shaheen Khan, nine years ago when McBeath came to Pullman to become a nanny. After seeing a beautiful meal Khan made, McBeath invited her to branch out of Moscow and serve her food in the Pullman Farmers Market.

“We had people that came for her food at the market,” McBeath said. “That showed her how much demand there is for good Bangladesh food in Pullman.”

Khan said she attended the Pullman Farmers Market for a year, but because of catering demands she had to stop coming to Pullman. After she heard McBeath started Bike and Brew, she contacted him right away.

“We come here every week,” Khan said. “It’s like east and west meet in here.”

Khan said customers can expect multiple curries, with or without vegetables, vegetarian and vegan options, with different specials every week. Diners can review these options on Three Forks Bike and Brew’s website.

Mela occupies a restaurant in Moscow but they only have outdoor seating, Khan said. She said she is glad she can come to Bike and Brew and let people enjoy her food inside without needing to drive to another city.

“I wanted to serve the community,” Khan said. “That’s why we came together. It’s not like I’m going to every restaurant to serve. It’s just our friendship, and we’re both into our community.”

McBeath said that the first months after they opened Bike and Brew were successful, and there was a lot of energy surrounding the business. Once January hit, it became tougher to bring people in. He said he was grateful to Khan for consistently making Thursday and Friday nights full.

“She has saved our bacon,” McBeath said.

Customers can look forward to an upcoming event for WSU’s mom’s weekend, McBeath said.

Three Forks Bike and Brew is located at 588 SE Bishop Blvd, Pullman and Mela Bangladeshi Cuisine is located at 137 E 2nd St., Moscow.