Don’t let red wine spills ruin your night

How to remove red wine stains from clothing; two simple ingredients help lift one of hardest stains to remove



With this simple how-to, you won’t have to spend $1000 like Cindy Mancini did


Imagine that it’s the weekend and you go to hang out with your friends. You borrow your mom’s white suede two-piece set. You feel and look great. Then the worst possible situation happens, someone spills their glass of red wine all over you. What are you going to do?

You might think of replacing the two-piece set but, thankfully, you won’t have to spend a single cent with this trick, unlike Cindy Mancini in “Can’t Buy Me Love.”

First, finish your glass of wine and prepare to take on the stain. Getting the stain out will be most successful while the stain is still wet, just after the spill.

Second, gather dish soap and hydrogen peroxide.

Next, pour equal parts dish soap and hydrogen peroxide into a container.

Now pour the solution onto the wine stain and allow a few seconds for the liquid to soak in.

With a washcloth damp in the dish soap and hydrogen peroxide mixture, lightly dab the stain. The stain should begin to lighten and lift.

Finally, throw the stained item into the washing machine and wash as normal.

Never lose another item to the red wine stain killer again with this trick.