Russian Blue’s love for food

Columnist adopts kitten during pandemic; kitty eats more than she can handle, constantly begs



Russian Blue surprises columnist with insane hunger to the point she stole Taco Bell.


Bringing a cat into one’s life can really bring some joy and love everyday. Who wouldn’t love to have a fluffy feline friend to boss them around and become the dictator of the household? 

A few months ago, I adopted a small Russian blue kitten from a rescue group in Spokane. When I saw her picture, I knew I had to have her! 

A Russian blue is an elegant looking cat with a silvery blue, thick coat of fur, that surprisingly doesn’t shed much (they’re hypoallergenic.) She was roughly 10 weeks old when the woman giving her to me was careful to warn me about her love for food.

Well, that right there was the start of it for me. I simply thought “it can’t be that bad,” and “she is a kitten, she’ll grow out of it.” I can tell you that she didn’t. Her enjoyment in begging was an understatement. 

This kitty, Vanya, begged her little tail off, constantly trying to eat anything and everything in my apartment! If anyone was eating, she appeared out of thin air to stare with big sad eyes and if you didn’t put your foot down, she may try to nab it and run away. 

Occasionally, throughout the time that I have lived in this apartment in Spokane we would order food from DoorDash. And since no one is usually coming over, the only time we get a knock on the door is for a food delivery. 

Vanya has gotten so used to this fact that she now sprints to the door anytime there is a knock to see what meal she gets to beg for next. 

There also was a point when my boyfriend and I brought home Taco Bell. He ended up falling asleep on the sofa with the rest of his food on the coffee table. The next thing I know, she had stolen a cheesy quesarito and drug it under a blanket to eat in shame.

I had never seen a cat act this way before, I was so surprised by this (and honestly, I still am.) I do not intend to fat-shame my little Vanya, but I do laugh at the fact that she acts more like a dog in this sense than she does an actual cat.

If you decide to ever adopt a Russian Blue, be forewarned that if you walk into the kitchen she will be there.

However, the most important thing about having a Russian blue is the amazing companions they make. Vanya is a sweet, loving and loyal companion. 

They will usually attach and cling to one cat-parent and become a big baby. My little kitten is always nearby or meowing to demand that I give her attention. They are calm and loving babies that will probably try to cuddle you at any chance they get and are not violent. 

Throughout the long time I have had her, she has never made a singular violent move towards me or anyone else. I would encourage anyone and everyone to consider getting any feline partner, but speaking from experience, a Russian blue is a lovely companion to have. They bring humour, joy and love to every single day!