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Liquor, laws and learning.

Part of The Daily Evergreen’s responsibility as the student voice for WSU includes actively addressing ongoing issues on our campus and in our city. After speaking with students, community members and campus leaders, the shared concern for understanding the medical, legal and educational aspects of alcohol and drugs surfaced.

As a staff, we have responded by putting together a five-day series titled “Cougs Under the Influence” to help facilitate a conversation between the users, the abusers and the enforcers of alcohol and drugs at WSU.

With “Halloweek” rapidly approaching, it is important to know your limits, know your rights and know when you may need to intervene.

The purpose of this series is to open up an honest dialogue about alcohol and drug use. It is not intended to condemn or preach, but rather to educate and advocate for responsibility.

There is a culture of abuse at this university.

Many believe the effects of alcohol and drug use are negligible and even acceptable as part of the “college experience.” This philosophy of going above and beyond, this standardization of extremity, this is not conducive to either our health or our futures.

And whether or not we acknowledge it, Cougs are in fact mortal.

The series consists of five parts, with each day focusing on a different topic or variation on the overall theme.

Today, we turn our focus on understanding the effects and potential problems associated with alcohol. Friday will cover the similar problems involved with drug use.

Monday will see the attention shifted to the laws and policies that surround drugs and alcohol in the city of Pullman. Tuesday is for the intersection of alcohol and drugs with the university policies, including residence life.

We conclude the series Wednesday with solutions to the problems indicative of the party culture at WSU.

This series is not a condemnation of fun, but rather a promotion of safety and awareness. We want to provide resources for students to draw from so they can be a college student, but smartly.

Following the series on Nov. 5, The Daily Evergreen will then host an open panel discussion with university and community leaders to address the issues brought up in the series in a public forum, the CUB Auditorium. We welcome and encourage all to attend this panel and engage in an honest conversation about drug and alcohol use.

Most of all, we want to hear from the students. Practical solutions come from you. Please participate in the conversation, come to the panel and send us letters. Our goal is provide our community with the best information and resources to keep you safe.