Coffee Corner: Hot coffee and cold scoops

Neill’s Coffee and Ice Cream: the family-friendly spot with a history



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ANNA MICHALSON, Evergreen reporter

Editor’s note: This is the fourth story in an ongoing series featuring the multiple coffee shops in downtown Pullman, ahead of an event on Nov. 18, hosted by the Pullman Chamber of  Commerce. 

Neill’s Coffee and Ice Cream is a small, family-owned shop. While it’s a relatively new business, both the family and the space have deep roots in Pullman.

Located in the heart of downtown Pullman, the space Neill’s occupies has been a special location for locals for generations. Current owner Miranda Chandler said Neill’s used to be The Daily Grind up until June 2020.

“It was an important part of the community for a lot of people,” Chandler said. “I graduated from WSU 20 years ago and we went there in college. We didn’t want to see that legacy go away.”

Chandler said she and her husband opened Neill’s Coffee and Ice Cream to give the Pullman community a place to gather and relax — somewhere that is welcoming to everyone. 

The family also owns Neill’s Flowers and Gifts, which is right next door to the coffee shop. Visitors can peruse the flower shop after ordering their coffee. Neill’s Flowers and Gifts has been a downtown Pullman staple for over 100 years now. 

“We want everybody to have a place in town in downtown Pullman where they feel comfortable to go with their friends and hangout, or just someplace they can have access to the wifi and get work done,” she said. 

Chandler said Neill’s offers over 16 flavors of ice cream and has one of the largest selection of coffee syrup flavors in Pullman, using over 70 Monin premium syrups. 

“This is a great time of year as we still have our fall options available, as well as our winter drink flavor options,” she said. 

Neill’s employee Megan McCormick, said the shop’s coffee roasts are crafted especially for them by Cravens Coffee, a Spokane-based coffee roaster. 

“We have a four bean blend that they make for us, which is kind of uncommon because most blends are only going to be two or three bean blends,” Chandler said. 

McCormick said fall-flavored drinks are her favorite and are usually a favorite amongst most customers as well. 

“Right now, our most popular item is the pumpkin pie chai, and we also sell a lot of ham and bacon burritos,” she said. 

McCormick said Neill’s currently offers one nondairy ice cream flavor and caters to vegan and vegetarian dietary needs on their food menu. She said they are currently working toward getting gluten-free options for customers as well. 

Sophomore neuroscience major Anna Murphy said she loves the cozy and peaceful vibe Neill’s emanates. 

“The first time I went there, I was there for over six hours just doing homework and studying,” she said. “It is very quiet there, so it is easy to be productive.” 

Whether you are looking for a quiet spot to study, a fun family outing, or just a good cup of coffee, Neill’s prides itself on having something for everyone.