Letter from the Editor: Big dreams for our community

Revamped values, passionate leadership are focus of semester



When she is surrounded by a supportive community, managing editor Meghan Henry knows she can accomplish anything.

MEGHAN HENRY, Evergreen managing editor

Looking at this picture of my baby self, I cannot believe how far I have come since my freshman year of college. From Texas to Washington. From columnist to managing editor. From a clueless English major with no idea what she wanted to do when she grew up to someone so passionate about journalism that she devotes all of her free time to it.

I have so much to learn. The ins and outs of journalism and the media industry are constantly evolving. It is an exciting industry to be a part of – especially as a student.

More than anything, I am so honored to have been chosen to hold this position. Preparing for this semester has been a dream. Our editor-in-chief, Sandi, and I have brainstormed, planned and implemented so many new ideas we are eager to share with you.

Our staff is full of passionate, driven, relentless young people who strive for quality reporting. Each of the stories we share with you are purposeful and important. We hope you read each one knowing how many hours we spend in our newsroom editing, re-reading and editing again so that you receive our best work.

More than ever, journalism requires fresh eyes and novel ideas. That is what we are here to bring Pullman and the greater Palouse this semester.

You, our readers, have as much to do with this as we do. So read our stories, follow us on social media and give us your ideas and feedback – constructive criticism only, please!

We cannot wait for this semester with you all, and we hope you love the new things we are bringing to our beloved Daily Evergreen.

All the love, baby Meg and your Managing Editor,

Meghan Henry