Freezing fog may cause icy roads, low visibility

Icy roads, low temperatures, require vigilance throughout Palouse



Foggy conditions are expected across the Palouse until Friday.

MEGHAN HENRY, Evergreen managing editor

Heavy fog has descended onto the Palouse and is expected to continue through Friday, potentially creating icy roads in already low visibility conditions.

Inclement weather like fog falls carries little to no risk, according to the National Weather Service Spokane. However, persistent fog in winter can be dangerous because it is likely to produce ice in low visibility. This week, that likelihood increases each day we remain in below-freezing temperatures.

Pullman will not see a jump in temperature until Friday, when the morning low is expected to reach 28 degrees Fahrenheit. This means drivers should be cautious of icy conditions on the road.

Power lines can also be at risk with freezing fog. In Pullman, Avista Utilities handles weather-related power issues like downed power lines.

Should you come across a downed power line in the next week, Avista’s guidelines for how to approach the situation are simple: always assume the downed line is still dangerous, never touch or move a downed line and do not touch anyone or anything nearby that may be electrified.

This week, drive with caution, do not park under power lines and remember to call 911 if you come across a power line that has been knocked down or broken.