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Teamate provides blueprint for success


WSU Athletics

Mitch Jacobson clears a bar at the 2022 Track and Field NCAA Division I Championship | June 10, 2022 at Hayward Field, Eugene, Ore.

DAYLON HICKS, Evergreen reporter

Reflecting on my junior season is a process in which I’m trying to move away from. Thinking about the past and the struggles I endured was necessary, but it only makes me frustrated seeing how I didn’t achieve that goal. However, I recently learned how to let the past go and focus on the future, focusing on how I can reach the top level at the NCAA Track and Field Championships.

Reaching NCAA’s is something that every track athlete dreams about because you compete against the nation’s best and see how you align with the competition. In high school, I thought about the process of making it, but never took it seriously until I got to college.

My teammate Mitch Jacobson, moved on to that next level. This is not surprising considering how great he has been jumping throughout the season.

He was jumping against elite competition, athletes who have the potential of competing on the Olympic level, but seeing how he held his own to earn a fifth-place finish was surreal to witness. Being around him for all of my college career, I learned not to take good things for granted and watching him jump was one of those things.

It was sad to see how things won’t be the same with him starting the next chapter in life, but I am a proud teammate and friend to see the greatness he achieved and to have known him throughout my three years of college.

I was at a graduation party when I watched the meet. When he cleared a season-best of 7 feet and 3 inches, the emotions he had were inspiring. Throwing his fist in the air felt similar to a movie such as Gladiator. The emotions he had of determination and pose are emotions that I strive for at each meet and seeing how everything came together, it was poetry in motion. The environment he was jumping in with the rain and fog made his accomplishment more commendable.

With the high jump group, us men learned how to support each other during ups and downs. It was a great feeling seeing Mitch succeed and place WSU as a top seed for a high jump program. While seeing him jump at NCAA’s, I realized that this year was a great year with connecting with teammates.

I felt that traveling during track meets was important to build more friendships and make them stronger. I connected with different events such as pole vault and distance which made things in the locker room and practice more comfortable for next year.

Watching NCAA’s, I had a heavy heart because I truly do believe that I could be close to that meet if I changed things mentally and physically. Achieving the accolades are great, but I really want to succeed with my teammates because that is the essential piece of track and field. Seeing how one of my good friends, Beau Sheeran, transferred and did great at Western Washington University for his final year of his track career. People like Jacobson and Sheeran show me the only way for me to reach my goals is to work hard each day while supporting those around me.