Ask Emma: Homesick

New to campus? What to do when you don’t know what to do

MIKAYLA FINNERTY, Editor-in-chief

Editors note: Even though Emma Ledbetter has graduated, the Daily Evergreen has decided to continue the Ask Emma segment with a new author in honor of our friend Emma and all the people she has helped. 

Dear Emma, 

My parents just dropped me off at my dorm two days ago and it’s been really hard. I miss my old room and my pets. My roommate is really nice, but I don’t know anyone else here. Does it get better?


Currently Homesick. 


Dear Currently Homesick,

For starters, it does get better. You will have good days and bad days, but your first year at college will help you become someone you never knew you could be. Yes, that’s cheesy, but it is true. You might even find that you like time to yourself away from your family. But that takes time. 

For now, take the time to stay in touch with your family whether it’s an update on something crazy that happened that day or just how you are doing. Remember, they miss you too. Have them send pictures of your pets, I find that helps me feel like I am not missing anything. 

Your roommate is probably going through the same struggles, and if they are nice like you say they are, inviting them to hang out can be fun. Get to know the campus together before school starts, so you are both comfortable on the first day of class and keep checking on each other throughout your first week. 

I also recommend making your dorm space your own. It can be hard to acclimate when everything is foreign and different in your safe space. Having familiar smells and scents helps. Get a room spray and spray it whenever you feel uneasy or miss home. I suggest lavender, it’s universal for being calming. With the fall season coming up I also suggest pumpkin scents. 

Lastly, don’t be ashamed to be homesick. While others seem to be happy away from home, many are trying to find their footing in this new stage of their life. 

I wish you the best of luck in your first year!