GPSA holds first meeting of the semester

The group resolved to denounce white supremacy

JESSICA ZHOU, Evergreen assistant news editor

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Executive officers of WSU’s Graduate and Professional Student Association reviewed their activities since assuming office in May, during the first GPSA Senate meeting of the year.

GPSA President Shane Reynolds said he spoke with Vice President of Student Affairs Mary Jo Gonzalez, Provost Dan Bernardo and President Kirk Schulz about administrative priorities for the year. He also met with university officials on separate occasions to discuss transparency in regards to undergraduate tuition increases, as well as Schulz’s statement and administrative reaction to Charlottesville.

GPSA Vice President Amir Gilmore said he met with various leaders to discuss entrepreneurship for graduate students and accepted the invitation to serve on the search committee for WSU’s next vice president of community, equity, and inclusive excellence. He also met with Gonzalez to discuss diversity initiatives.

Joshua Munroe, vice president of legislative affairs, reported that he met with the Faculty Senate. He said representatives were interested in First Amendment issues and classroom conduct between faculty and students. He also met with WSU Transportation Services, Children’s Center personnel and student government representatives of other institutions, such as the University of Washington.

The Senate also approved its GPSA special election appointees to fill vacant positions, unveiled a resolution denouncing white supremacy and announced a new committee on WSU’s campus climate.