Ask Emma: Where does my work life end and my social life begin?

Set aside time for yourself, friends to balance life in and out of work



This week, Emma talks about shutting off your work brain when you get home

ANNA MICHALSON, Evergreen reporter

Dear Emma, 

I am so stressed. Lately, my work-life balance has felt impossible to achieve in a healthy way, and I find myself locked up in my room for hours on end, working on assignments, sending emails, and studying until I can’t bear to look at a screen anymore. With all of this time I am dedicating to my studies, I am only left feeling sad and lonely. I need more time with my friends, and to do the things I love and enjoy. What should I do to combat this issue? 


So Stressed. 


Dear So Stressed, 

Having trouble navigating a proper work-life balance can be very difficult. Trust me, I know from personal experience. It’s tough to know when to shut off the computer for the day and take time for you, especially with college classes gearing up into full swing. Here are a few of my tips to combat this. 

Set a time each day or night, where the “workday” ends. Similar to a shift at work, your body and brain need to take time to relax and unwind. Let’s say you get done with class at three, and do homework until eight. Once the clock strikes the top of the hour, that means it is time for you to shut down for the night, and do things that you enjoy. Spend a cozy evening with friends, do some reading, or watch your favorite TV show, really just do anything you personally enjoy. 

I also like to set aside at least one full day every weekend to have fun, relax, and not think about work or schoolwork at all. I have found that truly allowing myself a break for a full day has prevented burnout and makes me feel calmer overall. I highly suggest doing this, even if it seems difficult. It is okay to give yourself a break!

I hope these tips help you, good luck.