Kibitzer Korner: Long-lost friends and mama’s boys

LAUREN ELLENBECKER, Evergreen reporter

“How do I maintain my friendships from school after I graduate?” – Felicity

One of the best things about college is, arguably, that students develop friendships with people that impact their life for the better.

Friends are able to relieve stress throughout your college career, but life becomes more nerve-wracking when the idea of losing friendships after graduation arises.

I suggest you make the most of the time you and your friends have left together. Make memories together and don’t worry about leaving each other in the future; it will corrupt the fun you’re having.

After you graduate, make sure to call or video call each other at least once a week. The time span is short enough not to lose contact, and long enough to have new things to talk about.

In addition to this, try planning trips in the future to visit them. Your friend would love to show you around their new home, as well as their favorite new coffee shops or parks.

However, that being said, don’t fret the possibilities of falling out of touch with your college friends. People will enter and leave throughout your lifetime; sometimes the best thing to do is to value the way in which those special people impacted your life and not how you felt when you left one another.

If that isn’t good enough, it helps to think of how your friends will be kicking ass at whatever they do. This is how I cope with disappearing friendships. Make sure to mention how proud of them you are and this will make both parties happy.


“My boyfriend of three years, whom I love very much, seems to have an Oedipus complex and is very close with his mother. I feel as if I have to compete with his mother and the whole situation weirds me out. What should I do?” – Worried and Grossed Out

Oh, Oedipus. For being such a strong leader, he didn’t have the most glorified conclusion during his reign of Thebes. After he came to the realization that his whole life was a lie, which resulted in him marrying and having children with his biological mother, Oedipus gouged his eyes out and was exiled from his kingdom.

However, do not let this scare you; your boyfriend is in a similar, but not as dangerous, situation. If he has an Oedipus complex, he’s only sexually attracted to his mom. No biggie, right?

First, I suggest that you ask your boyfriend how his relationship is with his mother. It’s possible he is just a mama’s boy. Either he’ll say something along the lines of “she’s a great and hardworking mom” or “she’s hot for a woman her age, don’t you think?” I have faith that you’ll be able to decipher which answer is more alarming.

If your beau admits that he’s inseparable from his mother and seems to value their emotionally intimate relationship more than your own, it may be a good idea to break up with him and avoid any future chaos that may erupt if you get in the way of him and his mom.

In the end, regardless of what type of person you’re dating, it’s important to get out of any relationship that makes you feel uncomfortable.

You need to look out for yourself and, in this case, shouldn’t have to stress about your boyfriend and his mother hooking up.

Lauren Ellenbecker is a freshman studying communication from Anchorage, Alaska. She can be contacted at

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