ASWSU discuss staff resignations and fills positions

Two resignations at center of Wednesday’s meeting



Reagan Kelley speaks during ASWSU meeting on Jan. 18.

BRANDON WILLMAN, Editor-in-chief

Wednesday’s ASWSU meeting began with Chief of Staff Nuthaphol “Kody” Ongpituk’s resignation. ASWSU President Jacob Martinez read the resignation letter to the Senate board that briefly explained his decision to resign. 

“Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be in this position this last semester,” Ongpituk wrote. “I hope to return to ASWSU after I worked on myself and have corrected my mistakes.” 

Reagan Kelley, senior computer science and philosophy double major, was nominated for chief justice by Martinez. Kelley is the president of WSU’s Ethics Club and said that he has a passion for ethics. 

He was unanimously voted in to fill the role of chief justice and was confirmed into the role. 

Savannah Eakin, senior pre-law political science and philosophy double major, was nominated for the vacant role of Deputy DOLA by Martinez. 

“I hope to bring a piece of the love and drive I have of civic engagement to ASWSU [if confirmed],” Eakin said. 

She was unanimously nominated and confirmed into the role. 

The last position that was filled was that of pro-tempore, which was left vacant following the resignation of Diana Rios. 

Two members of the Senate were nominated for the vacancy. Uncertified Senate member Tania Henriques and Arts and Sciences Senate member Gabrielle Lund were nominated.

Henriques won the vote 7-5 and said that she is ecstatic about the opportunity to take the position. She said that she believes her time management and communication skills were the two most qualifying attributes for the role.

The next step for ASWSU is to fill the void that is left by Henriques’ promotion and to find roles for all other vacancies currently open. They will look to fill those spots in a timely matter before resuming back to normal duties.