Pullman Regional Hospital Auxiliary celebrates 34 years of Valentine’s Day fundraiser

Pullman Regional Hospital Auxiliary’s fundraiser one of many ways to get involved.



The Have-a-Heart fundraiser is part of a series of events done by the hospital over the course of the year.

BRANDON WILLMAN, Evergreen reporter

For Auxiliary Board President Sharon Hall, spreading love on Valentine’s Day is done through philanthropic actions for the 34th annual Have-a-Heart fundraiser, which started with 50 orders and has grown to over 500 orders last year alone. 

Pullman Regional Hospital Auxiliary is a non-profit organization that has a mission of providing for patient care and comfort needs and is currently running its yearly Have-a-Heart fundraiser, Hall said.

The Have-a-Heart fundraiser is part of a series of events done by the hospital over the course of the year. Other fundraisers include Diane’s Gift Garden, Christmas Tree Raffle, Holiday Tea and general Special Events, according to Pullman Regional Hospital.

The seven packages offered are outlined on the order form. Those packages are:

  • Mylar balloon, 10.5” stuffed animal and 1/2 lb See’s Candy for $30 
  • Mylar balloon and 1/2 lb See’s Candy for $22
  • Mylar balloon, 10.5” stuffed animal with big cookie for $18
  • Mylar balloon and valentine mug for $14
  • Mylar balloon and 10.5” stuffed animal for $14
  • Mylar balloon with big cookie for $10
  • Two big cookies for $8

Preparation and delivery of the packages are the most time-consuming part of the project. For that reason, the deadline to order is Thursday, February 9th to ensure everything is ready for on-time delivery. On Valentine’s Day the orders are taken around Pullman by our volunteer drivers, which can be treacherous at times, Hall said.

As Board President, Hall said her role is to help facilitate the fundraising committee by helping any way she can. Another part is making sure the funds they raise are spent appropriately for patient care items at Pullman Regional Hospital. She has been involved in the Auxiliary since before 2000 and is on her second term as president. 

“I love the Auxiliary and will continue to be a part of it for as long as I can. Quite honestly, our numbers are dropping each year, we need an infusion of some younger volunteers that are excited about our mission,” she said. “Our volunteers do a variety of tasks including preparing the various packages, of which there are seven. These range from simple such as two cookies to a bit more complex, stuffed animal, See’s candy, or a cookie and a balloon,” she said. 

Volunteers can join the Auxiliary through the Pullman Regional Hospital website, but it is a bit late to volunteer for this year. However, 2024 is a new year and perhaps new volunteers will be a part of it, Hall said. 

The website also has resources for student volunteers and community volunteers, as well as contact information for volunteer coordinators for non-Auxiliary members, she said.