Ask Life: How do I spend family weekend away from family?

Here are a few ways for out-of-state students to spend their time



Being away from home can be hard for everyone; you’re not alone.

ALAINN FITZGERALD, Evergreen reporter

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Dear Life Section,

Family weekend is coming up, but my family lives in a different state. I am a freshman and feeling a little homesick already, and I am worried this weekend will make it worse. How do I spend family weekend away from my family?


Out-of-State Kid


Dear Out-of-State Kid,

For a lot of first-years, feeling homesick can be a big issue; it can overpower their focus on academics and other relationships. With that, events such as family weekend can feel like a real downer for those whose family is so far away.

However, do not fret; this nostalgic grief is common, and you are not alone. FOMO can easily be resolved by filling this weekend with other things to do.

First, the very obvious and maybe not-so-fun option: catching up on homework and any other studying you may need to get done.

With the semester flying by, exams and homework can pile and pile up. Falling behind may seem like a never-ending feeling, but working during events such as family weekend can overcome it. It also never hurts to feel that burst of energy and pride from being productive; it can be quite addicting.

Next, consider exploring your music.

There are a few things I mean by this. One of my personal favorites is finding and discovering new music. There are so many platforms, such as TikTok, that help people discover new and upcoming artists. Who knows, you might find the next Harry Styles.

You can also organize whatever music platform you use. Over time, playlists and tastes can get old, and you may need a good, deep clean of your Spotify or Apple Music. It happens to the best of us. Start dusting your old middle school hits and refresh your playlists.

Speaking of organizing, organizing and cleaning can be a great way to spend some time and be productive. As a college student, things can sort of become a hurricane: papers everywhere, clothes on the ground, bed unmade — the usual. A nicely organized and clean space can be a great start to the week and even be therapeutic for many.

Need some extra cash? Some spending money? Maybe spend some time looking at side hustles.

There are plenty of ways to earn some extra money on the side besides doing a part-time job. This can include online surveys, copywriting or even old-school baby- or pet-sitting. A lot of these are great ways for college students to earn some money.

Have a car on campus? Try DoorDash! You can work on your own time and get to spend time cruising with the windows down. Sounds like a win to me.

I mentioned catching up on studies and work, but don’t forget the other thing you can do: catch up on sleep.

So many of us forget just how important it is to get good sleep. Lack and/or loss of sleep can eventually catch up to us. Spending time napping or even just sleeping in an extra hour or two can be very beneficial. You can feel rested for the week, or maybe even the whole semester if you do it enough.

If you think sleeping is not as productive as you would like, try the opposite.

There are so many places on campus with great places to work out and exercise. There may be a few exercise or fitness classes held at the UREC that pique your interest. Get that energy and anger out and exercise.

Despite the sad times family weekend can bring about, there are so many ways it can be good; use this time to the fullest. Wishing you the best of luck!


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