Sorority expands house for live-ins

The project will add more community space, 19 new beds for more members


RACHEL SUN | The Daily Evergreen

A construction worker places siding on the Delta Gamma sorority house expansion Tuesday afternoon.

RACHEL SUN, Evergreen reporter

The WSU Delta Gamma sorority is in the process of building additions to their house to allow for more living and community space within the sorority.

Connie Richardson, president of the Beta Omega chapter of Delta Gamma, said the goal of the addition is to return to tradition and allow more sorority members to be part of the community and live in the house.

“We wanted to increase the size of the common living space so there would be more room for all the girls, including the girls that don’t live in the house, she said. “They can come together, study there and have their sisterhoods.”

To accommodate more pledges, the house is adding 19 more beds as well as increasing the size of the chapter room, where many of the sorority’s events are hosted.

RACHEL SUN | The Daily Evergreen
Plans for the additions to the Delta Gamma sorority house began roughly three years ago.

Richardson said the housing corporation’s bylaws do not allow for the disclosure of the source or amount of money spent on the project.

Director of Alumna Relations Meg Cory said the additions will also give sorority members more options for studying without having to walk to the CUB or other locations on campus.

“We will be getting a new study room,” she said. “I think it will just make it better for everybody.”

Cory also said the sorority alumni and the housing association are funding the reconstruction.

Richardson said the project has been in the works for roughly three years, and that the members of the corporation were happy to support the upgrades.

“All of our alumni have had a great experience,” she said. “The women in our organization were thrilled to support the project.”

Sabrina Schonewald, vice president of social standards, said the house was not made to accommodate the current number of members in the sorority.

“When this house was built, there were far less women in the chapter,” Schonewald said. “It’s not to the point that we ever broke maximum capacity, but it’s at that point where in the next few years it would have.”

Cory said the extra space will allow for a more enjoyable atmosphere.

“The main reason we’re doing the construction is because we have close to 200 girls that are in the chapter itself,” she said. “We wanted to make sure everybody can be in the same place at once.”