Dad’s Weekend act expected to bring thousands


Courtesy Gage Skidmore

Seth Meyers’ performance could cost the university more than $75,000.

FORREST HOLT, Evergreen news editor

Beasley Coliseum, a hub of Dad’s Weekend festivities, is preparing for an event expected to bring hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Beasley Director Leo Udy said it takes about a month to prepare for an operation of Dad’s Weekend’s size, but the talents are booked much further in advance.

The cost of putting on each show varies, depending on the act, he said, but a large portion of the expenses is booking the acts themselves.

Udy declined to say specifically how much it cost to book this weekend’s guest, Late Night host Seth Meyers, but said they are careful to spend less than $200,000 on acts.

Meyers generally costs between $75,000 and $150,000 for a performance, according to Celebrity Talent International.

Udy said he anticipated selling between 4,000 and 4,500 tickets, which should bring in between $240,000 and $270,000, enough to cover the expenses of the event. Beasley earns all of its money independently through ticket sales and renting out space.

Preparations include coordinating security, transportation and production equipment.

“We’ve done this so many times it is a pretty fine-tuned machine,” Udy said.