Halloween weekend brings three sexual offenses

By staff reports

One Rape was reported by a Pullman resident over the weekend, regarding an an alleged offense that took place over 40 years ago.

The victim, now 55 years old, reported that she was raped by a family member when she was young.

Sgt. Dornes said police have determined the location where the incident occurred, but because so much time has passed, they have not decided whether they will pursue further investigation.

Two alleged sexual offenses occurred over the weekend according to the Pullman Police logs.

Early Saturday morning, a 20-year-old female student reported a sex offense that had occurred the night before.

Pullman Police were notified after she was admitted to the emergency room at Pullman Regional Hospital.

Sgt. Dan Dornes said police are investigating a possible location and individuals named by the victim.

The second sexual offense was reported by a 18-year-old Spokane resident who was visiting Pullman from out of town.

Police were notified when the female victim was admitted to the emergency room in Spokane.

Because the victim was from out of town, she could not identify where the offense had taken place, but said it occurred on Friday night.

Dornes said police have not had an extensive interview with the victim, because she was receiving medical treatment when they first spoke to her. Police set up a follow-up interview for later in the week.

Police do not yet have enough information to identify possible suspects or a location.

Pullman Police arrested one Cle Elum resident who was visiting for the weekend, after receiving reports of misconduct.

Roberto Sanchez, 22, was arrested after being removed from a bar, assaulting a WSU student, and having three separate warrants out for his arrest.

He was originally removed from Valhalla Bar and Grill for disorderly conduct. Later, he went to Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, and tried to gain access. When denied, he punched a member of the fraternity in the face.

Dornes said police found him nearby and discovered he had multiple warrants out for his arrest, including failure to comply on DUI charges, trespassing, and driving with a suspended license. He then was taken to Whitman County Jail.

Reporting by Andrew Braddock